Malays can’t be Elected Presidents because they are not good in Maths and so won’t be able to scrutinise sovereign wealth fund, claims Uber driver


Uber driver Shirwin Eu has claimed that Malays can’t be Elected Presidents because they are not good in Maths and so won’t be able to scrutinise sovereign wealth fund. Shirwin made that claim when speaking to The Straits Times (ST) after picking up the application forms for the upcoming presidential election to be held in September.

The 34-year-old failed twice in trying to run for political office. The first was in the 2015 General Election, when he did not have assentors to back his candidacy for Bukit Panjang SMC. The second was in the 2016 Bukit Batok by-election, when he was disqualified to run as an independent candidate.

In responding to ST’s question what he thought his chances for presidency were after unsuccessfully running previously for previous elections, Shirwin said:

“Actually I haven’t been unsuccessfully, so to speak, because you are judging from the angle I wasn’t qualified. Let’s say I am allowed to be qualified on unconditional basis, I suppose my chance would be no different from other candidates because if you allow red carpet treatment, then there will always be a pool of people you are not able to reach.
Just like you like to open your pool of people to the whole population rather than maybe just one percent of the population. How do you know the rest of the 99 percent of the population do not have any better things to offer.
Just like if you only now restrict the Malay community, let’s say if you want to judge based on academics, let’s say PSLE, we understand that mathematics is the poorer subject for the Malay community, so let’s say if I were to argue from this angle, how are they able to scrutinise the SWF, the Temasek and GIC.
So is there a conspiracy whether you want such a talent pool of people limited by their academic to then later on take on the government as well as the judiciary power. Or would you like the Malay candidate to win on open basis then we can discount that they are not limited by their qualifications.”

Watch his full interview with ST here:



  1. The only thing going for him is COURAGE to run – which most of us keyboard warriors dont possess. But everthing else is absent in this Uber driver – IQ, EQ, etc

  2. Eh kambing, this is Singapore la, you can only be disrespectful, unread and bigoted as a candidate in the US presidential elections…

  3. Does the President scrutinize anything?? So what’s this talk about being brilliant in Maths? Attending official and public events, cutting ribbons, entertaining foreign dignatories / general public (Istana Open House) etc requires PR skills. Looking at this guy, obviously doesnt make the cut for this huge PR role.

  4. Pls don’t let the world laugh at our stupidity in the coming Presidential People Election, as we know the great responsibility and high regards from world leaders. Expectations must not be seens as puppet or clown taking up this highest office for Singapore.

  5. Hahaha. This type of people are the easiest to deal with. Don’t even need to argue back with him. Just smile and ask him more questions. Then sit back and watch as he self-destructs.

  6. Actually it easy to be President so long as u got two hand… Wave, sign paper, entertain VIP hand shake, count monthly pay n bonus. Don’t say Uber driver, cleaner can also be President.

  7. What siah? Malay president will help push for population growth because of that. He will make addition into multiplication. This is more important. Because When make baby 1+1 = at least 4. This uber driver don’t know economics of scale lah. Bodoh peh kambing.

  8. We all should keep booking his Ublur car for traveling so that he has no time to talk nonsense! !

    What is his Ublur car plate number ahh? I want to book him now to get a ride from Lorong 1 Geylang to Lorong 2 Geyang! !

  9. This longkang mouth..brain dead president sure die…making such racist..if u want to be president .work hard an proof yr bloody self that u are worthy of tat post ..not by saying other race stupid..if u are good in yr maths y be fucking uber driver low class cheapskate thinking lead u to nowhere…dream on its not the malay community fault tat the govt want a malay president..gundu shit

  10. His first impression is already a racialist and he had a big dream to become a Singapore president. I encountered with this kind of character 50 – 60 years ago and if you say that Malay was not good in Mathematics, you are just behind time. Or all these while you must be living in Amazon jungle. Brother, how good are you in Mathematics?

    • Agreed. Racial stereotyping is not cool. I have met a lot of Chinese and Jews who are not good at math and science, Malays who can’t ride motorcycle, white people who are poor and financially struggling (foreclosure kinda stuff), black people who can’t play basketball and Samoans who are skinny. World is too diverse for racial stereotypes and only incredibly lazy and ignorant people do that.

    • I remember reading for a number of years Malay students top psle grades. And I am quite happy about that. This boy is such an egg head. Lots of entitlement issues in this new generation

    • Pan Roger. Let’s put it this way. Meritocracy and upward mobility based on competency and diligence is generally lauded in the modern era and is something considered sacred in Singapore. That’s how Singapore got to where it did. That’s how I understand where you are coming from. However one must never forget the heart and simply follow logic. A mature society is one that allows fairness to prevail, even if it means tweaking a little (absolutely not defending the affirmation action on steroids at the north of the border where I actually grew up) to allow fairness.

      Likes of you clamour for absolute meritocracy when it’s advantageous to your own race. However when disadvantaged don’t you start whining and whinging to the singaporean government to protect “natives”? When I hear xenophobic comments from Singaporeans complaining about more talented foreigners getting high income jobs, in my mind I’m thinking “hypocritical cry baby”.

  11. He can also be employed by the govt to divert people’s attention away from the bigger picture. The Parliament should also come with a ruling that allows only Chinese ministers to be eligible for the Prime Minister’s role. This election is the dumbest thing yet. Singapore is not ready for a non chinese PM my arse.

  12. Who tell you that Malays in Singapore are not good in Maths. They definitely got a better understanding of English than you. Elected President=For Malays only.

  13. He’s truly a disgraced to his family and Chinese. Must be thinking if barbaric people like Donald trump can become a president why a stupid person like him can’t become one..look at his face oh my god Pui.

  14. Y bother to include this joker on to facebook?
    Waste of our time.
    Shameful to know he is actually standing on our soil.
    Would he next propose breathing is the rightful humane methodology reserves to all races?

  15. Always good to have a sense of humour in our lives. Wish him all the best in his work and safe driving. This video is seriously unfunny. He showed courage by expressing his thoughts clearly and freely. Meantime, TCB, the most popular guy, is barred by the rules of this election because the rule makers counted 5 while we can only count to 4. This ruling is the main issue, not race or religion. Simple maths.

  16. Biased comments… As long as President is not a “pup” it’s fine… Do good for their citizens, make sense in what they say, do their talk not make excuses when trouble arises. Non NATO, it’s doesn’t matter what is the difference of race… Any from the start it’s wrong to differentiate what race to be elected… #LKYpleasecomeback

  17. You don’t have to know anything to be the president because it’s not a real job.
    Everything is decided for you, just sign some papers, wave to the crowd and visit charities.
    Don’t need any maths for it.
    No big deal, anybody can do it.

  18. Waah, this guy deserves to be Uber driver for rest of his life. Many Maths Teachers in elite schools are Malays. They can turn out good pupils. This idiot must be speaking from his Asshole, no wonder so stink.

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