LHY hits back: PM Lee dragged Government into personal dispute


A day after the parliamentary debate on the Lee family feud ended with PM Lee categorising the allegations against him as “baseless,” Lee Hsien Yang has hit back, reinforcing his claims of abuse of power against his elder brother.

Responding to allusions made in Parliament that it is his sister and himself who have dragged the matter into the public domain, Lee Hsien Yang pointed at PM Lee as the one who “dragged” the government into a personal matter.

He added that he and his sister, Lee Wei Ling, continue to feel threatened by the Prime Minister’s “misuse of his position and influence over the Singapore government and its agencies to drive his personal agenda.”

We re-publish his statement in full here:

“The government asks of us, “Are they whistleblowing in a noble effort to save Singapore, or waging a personal vendetta without any care for the damage done to Singapore?”
“We are not making a criticism of the Government of Singapore, as we made clear from the beginning. What we have said is that we are disturbed by the character, conduct, motives and leadership of our brother, Lee Hsien Loong. Since Lee Kuan Yew’s passing, we have felt threatened by LHL’s misuse of his position and influence over the Singapore government and its agencies to drive his personal agenda.
“Our private family dispute would have remained a private family dispute, if PM Lee had not used government agencies and a secret ministerial committee to force his way. Sadly, it is Lee Hsien Loong who has dragged the government into a personal dispute.
“In Singapore, the PM and his wife should not be above the law. The PM should abide by the same high standards that are expected of even junior civil servants. To show evidence that he has failed to meet these standards, is not to attack the Singapore system, but to preserve it.
“Our father’s legacy is more than bricks and mortar. He made sure that all government officials acted with justice and integrity. He accepted nothing less than incorruptibility, especially for the very top. Singapore can yet live up to his legacy.”

The government asks of us, “Are they whistleblowing in a noble effort to save Singapore, or waging a personal vendetta…

Posted by Lee Hsien Yang on Wednesday, 5 July 2017



  1. There are serious matters like economy and mrt
    So please stop all this
    I don think it is right to side either parties as this is a family matter
    Please focus on singapore as a country and us the citizens
    Please let the dead rest in peace and follow their will

  2. Xian urh ….act like Shanghaise , talk talk talk but no real fight , please lah , learn from the bei fung ren , no talk talk talk , first touch just wallop ! !!!
    Talk 3 talk 4 worst than the old Taiwan Bao ching tien drama ! Pull out the sword from the saber and chuz pattern , then place back the saber !!! Waste of time !!! Boring !

  3. If there is smoke , there has to fire somewhere , on one hand , one party has all the advantages of all the machineries and human resources at hand , no need to have verbal talk , just send body language by throwing tantrums and slapping people . On the other hand , the other party has ‘nothing ‘ at hand other than the truth and principles , you make the judgements.

  4. Sympathy for the youngers and no pity for the eldest while all have been thrown into such difficult positions and hot soup! Time to cut loss and shorten the pains?

  5. the siblings wont be so upset and angry without any reason, surely there had been a trigger from that someone that had really pissed them off!

  6. I think the use of fb has reached its max effectiveness for either side. Forget about parliament which does nothing except to recycle claims by LHL. It is now for either party to sue in court for this drama to establish the facts and the truth and judge the characters of both parties. The people needs to know, the truth needs to be told.

  7. Marilyn Soong: Did our ruling party wants to talk about SMRT for the last 3weeks. They have no clue since a Lady was put in charge and than the Paper General. Its a Familee matter , but the PM use all his resources just for his Siblings accusation. Are they Ministers Focus on their Duty for all Citizens . Are they concern with all the Manhours wasted or their Million Dollars salary.

  8. Seriously, if LHY say LHL drag govt into this personal dispute, then why LHY drag whole SG into this personal dispute???? Can’t you bloody do it closed door instead? You are the one that start stirring this shit!

  9. It good to act and life is an action movie with nature destroying nature, people destroying people ,animals killing animals. Wonder what it is like when robots enter the realm of our existence

  10. Accusing others of wanting to bring down Singapore is the mantra very often use by the pap to frighten Singaporeans to keep them in power. Yesterday GCT deem it necessary to use this threat to coerce their own mps and opposition mps to support LHL. Ironically, in every election the pap always threatened that Oppositions destroy Singapore. Yet yesterday PM LHL relied heavily on LTK to clear his name.

  11. EMPEROR LEE bestowed DEATH EXEMPTION (Immunity Privileges, Amnesty) to his SIBLINGS.
    皇帝和家人犯法与庶民 “不” 同罪 !

  12. If we read between the line, even his sibling doesnt trust what he said or assure in cabinets. His sibling had seen thru he will recuse himself if they are caught.

  13. How is LHY & LWL being threatened ? Life & death situation ?
    A most superflous claim most probably engineered by his other half.
    Only goons will believe in the victim cards being played.

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