Home News Lawrence Khong: Orlando victims don't deserve to die because of their sin

Lawrence Khong: Orlando victims don't deserve to die because of their sin




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Founding pastor of the Faith Community Baptist Church has written in his Facebook that he is deeply grieved by the ruthless terrorist killing in Orlando. The pastor acknowledged that the vicious attack happened in a gay bar, and that the tragedy may deepen the wounds of rejection within the community.
He said, “if any of us Christians feel that they deserve to die because of their sin, we must think again. The Bible tells us that ALL of us deserve to die because of our sins.”
“There is no reason for further alienation. Instead, this is a time for compassion, love, and healing,” he added in praying for the victims and their families.

A Facebook user Johnson Ong replying to Pastor Khong’s Facebook message said:
“While I appreciate your post, as a gay man in the Singapore LGBT community, you need to realize that the constant vitriol and hateful words both you and your wife constantly direct at us is the reason such a horrific tragedy could happen.
“Every time you label us as criminals, and deviants, and lesser than, you are indirectly sanctioning such acts against us.
“If God forbid a similar tragedy arises in Singapore, blood will be on your hands, and I hope you are ready to live with that. If you r not, then I hope you take your own advice and find it in yourself and your church to offer “compassion, love & healing.”
“That is what Jesus would do. We don’t need you to pray for us, we would rather you stand with us, or at the very least stop deepening this divide.”

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