Subway turns Halal, some consumers want pork back on the menu


The long-running battle between the need to go halal or stay non-halal has always been a big issue in some countries.

It is one that sparks debate in Singapore too, at times, and the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) recent statement that Subway restaurants were interested in serving Halal food sparked a debate on Twitter.

“Please Don’t Go Halal” for Subway said the brand should stay non-halal because there are not enough non-halal fast food restaurants in Singapore and proceeded on saying: ‘I want my pork’.

The user also said that those who want Subway to remain non-Halal should start a “Please Don’t Go Halal” petition, said WFTV today.

Another netizen then responded by saying that there are many non-halal restaurants in Singapore and Muslims aren’t complaining, while when it’s vice versa when it comes to Halal restaurants?



  1. I don’t gives a f@#k. Halal or no halal doesn’t concerns me. Can’t afford to eat out. Pays stagnant but all things increases. Waiting for 10% GST increase than confirm I can die standing with eyes wide open. By the way, I’m a Malay Muslim ok.

  2. Nobody force Subway to go Halal but it’s all money and cents that’s what count,As Majority of Muslims will not patronise non Halal Food stall,they are feeling the pinch ,as recently as I was in JCube,and saw that Encik Tan was bringing with customers while Subway was serving below sub level,so in economic sense that drive the food out let to make it Halal and get the full market share,if not soon Subway have to close their branches In the long run as most fast food have halal Certified.

  3. it’s just business; they realise that they are losing out on muslim customers. they can do what Hans and Ashton’s did by having halal and non-halal restaurants, but will they bother? probably not worth it

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