Asia How to keep truant schoolchildren out of malls and hideouts: Police arrest...

How to keep truant schoolchildren out of malls and hideouts: Police arrest them!




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Students caught skipping school, sent to police stations will have to get their parents to come and bail them out or take them home.

This is what a viral video on Twitter says.

The Malaysian police raided malls and hideaways where students spend their time instead of going to school, arrested several of them and brought them to the police station.

A video of some arrest being made and students rounded up by the police went viral on Twitter.

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The tweet says “Who has their children who absconded from school and got caught in a mall wearing a school uniform and roaming around the police will arrest and put in lorries to bring to police stations and their parents will have to come and bail them out.”

In one picture, female Malay students wearing the headscarves are rounded up by Malaysian police and packed in the legendary blue lorry to be transported to the police station.

They say the incident took place in Sandakan, Sabah.

The tweet stamp says July 9 and has made the rounds of social media sparking jokes on how New Malaysia is using scare tactics to to keep kids in school.

Some Twitter users are recalling their days at school, skipping or jumping the fence to go to cyber cafe’s or cinemas.

Others are saying parents will say their kids are not skipping school but are going for prayers – which many netizens say is the main explanation given when students get caught outside schools in uniform.

Others said they do not understand the students, adding that if they want to enjoy in their free time, they can do it on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays.

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