HDB unit’s floor tiles “explode” with firecracker-like sound; elderly homeowner can’t afford $5000 to repair broken tiles


A 67-year-old part-time taxi driver was shocked to hear explosive, firecracker-like sounds erupting from his bedroom last Saturday. According to the Chinese daily, the sounds were so loud that he though that an earthquake had hit his home.

The homeowner, Mr Teo, later discovered that the sounds were caused by the floor tiles in his bedroom that somehow dislodged from the floor and cracked into several pieces. It is unclear what caused the tiles to break in this sudden manner.

Mr Teo was having lunch in the living room of his home, located in the 13th-floor of Block 141 Serangoon North Avenue 2. His grandchild was in the bedroom when the sounds erupted, leading Mr Teo to rush to check what was going on. He claims to have seen the tiles dislodging with his own two eyes.


Adding that he hasn’t done any renovations to the place since he moved there with his family in 1989, Mr Teo said:

“I estimate that I’ll need to spend S$5000 on repairs. But I’m only a part-time taxi driver and I don’t earn much while my wife is a housewife. We’re worried that we won’t be able to afford the repairs. At this point of time, no choice we’ll have to cover the cracks with a carpet and hope no more tiles start ‘exploding.'”



  1. It would be a tall order to raise this matter with HDB , or BCA AS THE FLOORING had been done many many years ago.If the florring was contracted by HDB , and even it is beyond the statutory period of guaranteed or defect liability period . shouldnt the incumbent of the project be accountable to it and get them replaced as far as fudiciary obligation of duty is concerned. In this respect HDB should bear the onus of burden of it for goodwill reason as the contractor could be hard to summon for damage now. What is your take on it??

  2. HDB is only interested in acquiring land and bldg new flats for sale. Ceilings that peel and flake off like roti prata, window casings and hinges that loosen easily, tiles that crack up like keropok… when flat owners bring up these issues to HDB, the tidak apa officers will dismiss it as wear and tear even when MOP has not been reached, and it takes ages to get their appointed contractors to fix the problems, but once done, the money faced HDB will bill you in less than 3 days. Pfft.