Group of 3 men and 2 women scam whopping $40 million from government scheme SkillsFuture


3 men and 2 women, believed to be members of a criminal syndicate, were charged in court after they scammed government training grants scheme, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), of a whopping $40 million through fraudulent claims.

According to a SkillsFuture press statement released today, the suspects have been “charged with a series of offences. These include engaging in a conspiracy to submit forged documents to fraudulently obtain training subsidies from SSG, and to conceal the benefits from such criminal conduct.”

SkillsFuture also revealed that the suspects reportedly belong to “an organised network that utilised nine business entities, comprising employer companies and training providers, to submit the fraudulent claims. Close to $40 million has been paid out as a result. Police has seized substantial cash and frozen a number of bank accounts involved in the case.”

The government organisation only detected the offences in October. It disclosed:

“At the end of October 2017, SSG detected anomalies in claims for training grants. It immediately suspended all payments of grants to these nine business entities and reported the case to the Police.
“SSG has also taken immediate actions to tighten its processes, which include implementing fraud analytics, while conducting a comprehensive review of the system.
SSG takes a serious view of any individual, training provider or organisation that abuses its funding schemes, and will not hesitate to take action against those who contravene its funding rules and guidelines.”

Police investigations are ongoing.


  1. 9 entities how many ‘staff ‘, if they are even real? So how often did they claim up to $40 million? It takes so long to tally up that a small number of 9 companies can claim so much? We really need to see more details. Seems no one is looking after the interest of the tax payers in some departments. How much can be recovered? Ita no joke to us who will have to pay more Taxes! We are bot your money tap ! Who is the Head of the civil service? Please explain.

  2. 40 million of taxpayer’s $$ burned.As usual no heads will roll….let’s just move on.Billions have already been lost overseas by the pap so what’s $40 million ??? 70% are made to look dumb and dumber by the pap day by day…..LOL !!!!

  3. Now we know why we must pay more taxes, because there are individuals in the government that not doing due diligence checks. Each citizen are given $500. Close to $40 millions means close to 80,000 claims.

    How on earth did they only wake up only in October?

  4. Why not focus on PIC scheme fraud too? Oh wait, that’ll indict almost the whole copier/printer industry and companies selling dodgy “IT” solutions.

  5. The fundamental problem here is there are no thoroughbred business or corporate leaders. Most of the civil service are led by conceptual folks ‘armed’ with paper principled scholars and military muppets. Someone mentioned the PIC grants. When I spoke to someone ages ago about this, I said that this scheme has holes in it that a gopher will be at home with. We’ve a bunch of nincompoops leading the less than civil service. So, any leaders under SSG care to step forward to claim the blame? Or will it be the engineering team that has to take the knock? Or how about publicly flaming your team for their poor performance? Take a leaf out of the clever ObiWan. He is a Master Jedi that is faultless for he has the force backing him.

  6. Trains crashing, window panes falling from HDB flats, lifts in HDB apartments not working, viaducts crashing, more electric bikes on roads, and now big time fraud on SSG.. hey don’t get mad. Nothing is perfect, things can go wrong. That’s life.

    If not for all these screw ups government actually working very hard to take care of Singaporeans and doing an excellent job according to MILLION dollar ministers! Kee chiu!

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