Grab continues streak of poor service and angers Priveen Raj, aviation expert, who says: I’m not letting this go

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Out of all the people to be insulted, Priveen Raj – Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Reapra Aviation Partners and half of the two man team that set up AirAsia in Singapore – might not have been the best choice.

However, insult him was exactly what ride-hailing firm Grab’s customer service call-centre did, and he took to Facebook to share the incident.

Yesterday morning on his way to work, Mr Raj called for a Grabcar, which cancelled on him twice.

He then called up Grab’s customer service call-centre to inform them about the situation.

In his post, Mr Raj recounted the incident with the customer service agent:

You know what the agent responded?


His post received 64 reactions and 23 comments, most of which urge him to escalate the matter.

Mr Raj then went on to say, “So guys on that basis, next time you go to a restaurant and get sick, u have no case because the reason you even went into the restaurant is personal (hungry need food), the brand isn’t liable for any inconveniences. Nor are they liable for their brand experience.”

He also angrily said that he was going to escalate the issue because of the rude staff. “WAHHHHHH!!!!!! Just cos now you monopolise private transport, you have the audacity to speak to paying consumers in this tone.”

His post received 64 reactions and 23 comments, most of which urged him to escalate the matter.

Mr Raj ended his post saying, “Game mode on.

Can someone do me a favour and copy grab. I’m not letting this go.”

Many of those who commented said that Grab’s poor service was due to their complacency due to a lack of adequate competition in the market.

One netizen suggested that Mr Raj engage a lawyer.

To which he replied:

TISG contacted Grab, who declined to comment.