Forested area near HDB blocks in Woodlands becomes den of prostitutes


Despite being raided multiple times since the year 2007, the forested area around Woodlands Ave 4 and Woodlands Ave 9, continue to be a den for vice activities. The area is nestled in the vicinity of the Woodlands Industrial Estate.
forestedThe Chinese newspaper Wanbao has reported that the recent police raids has not deterred the sex workers who frequent the den in the forest. It reported that in just half an hour, it saw 30 men going into the forested area.

When the newspaper reporters probed further, they found thousands of condoms in an area the size of three basketball courts.

picture credit: Wanbao, Wang Yanyan
picture credit: Wanbao, Wang Yanyan

In 2012, it was reported that the police raided the same area and arrested 11 suspects. The women were foreigners, aged between 22 and 30.

The forested area is next to a foreign workers’ hostel and also, merely 30 metres from the HDB blocks nearby.