Asia Elderly man gazing fondly at his elderly date in McDonald’s inspires true...

Elderly man gazing fondly at his elderly date in McDonald’s inspires true relationship goals

A golden couple unwittingly become a shining example.




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Philippines – Love is in the air for this elderly couple who were dating at a McDonald’s outlet.

Thankfully for netizens looking for romantic inspiration, a member of the public from the Philippines named Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo caught sight of a sweet moment between the couple and captured it on camera.

Alonzo’s photo shows the elderly man leaning on the table with his head resting on his folded arms and his eyes gazing fondly at his partner seated in front of him.

Take a moment to share in the heartwarming adoration the elderly man has for his date, golden in years and in his eyes.

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Pagtanda natin, I’d still look at you like this. ❤️

Posted by Al Oliver Reyes Alonzo on Monday, 20 May 2019

The caption read, “Pagtanda natin, I’d still look at you like this.” (Even when we are old, I’d still look at you like this.)

With over 62,000 reactions, 34,000 comments and 90,000 shares, the post that had been uploaded on May 21 (Tuesday) clearly touched the online community over the following days.

Netizens were quick to declare their love for their special someone and promise a love like the elderly couple had displayed in the photo.

A certain Melvin Liu who shared the post with the caption, “Too sweet,” received comments like “I got diabetes” from Szekiat Koh while Fabrianne Teo hopefully wrote, “One day.”

Posts like these do make it hard for Singapore to win its war on diabetes!

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