Driver of car that was driven into condo swimming pool still missing


Police officers are looking for the missing driver of a car that was driven into executive condominium, SkyPark Residences’s swimming pool on 8 Aug around 9pm. The police said today that a 31-year-old woman, believed to have been a passenger in the car, has since been arrested.

The woman is said to be the same eyewitness seen making phone calls after the car was driven into the pool. She reportedly told other bystanders on the night of the accident that she was a passenger in the car and that the driver had gone to get help.

The driver never returned.

SkyPark Residences is located in Sembawang Crescent, opposite the Canberra Community Club.

The condo’s spokesperson told reporters that this is the first time such an accident has occurred in the property, adding:

“We will conduct a review to see if more signages are required, to create better awareness and provide additional directions.”

A condo resident, 45-year-old IT manager Mr Liu, told the local daily that it was drizzling that night and that “it is very fortunate that no kids were playing in the pool that night because of the weather.”


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