Downtown Line 3 makes grim debut as commuters experience train delays on opening day


Commuters who were hoping that they would not experience service disruptions on the brand new Downtown Line 3 (DTL3) were sorely disappointed. Several commuters reported experiencing delays on the line that opened to the public today, following a soft launch last week and an official opening ceremony last night.

Commuters who tried out the line during the soft launch also experienced train delays and were eventually instructed to alight trains and board bridging buses that were deployed to assist inconvenienced commuters.

It is believed that the disruptions on the DTL3 today were caused by a train fault and that the defective train was subsequently pushed out.

Several commuters travelling on various stations on the line, including Bedok North and Mattar stations, were affected by this disruption. Some posted that they were delayed for at least 5 minutes while others reported being stuck for about 30 minutes.

Jeremy Chua, a 28-year-old operations executive, told reporters that the train had stopped at Promenade station and only moved after 20 minutes. Another commuter, Facebook user Mark Chung wrote:

“After some delay (due to train fault), took me 25 minutes to get from sixth avenue to bt panjang. (Usual time is 10 to 15 minutes)”

25-year-old student Lim Yu Ke reported that he was delayed for about 30 minutes, as he was making his way to Tampines from Jalan Besar on the Downtown Line around 2pm.

Lim, who was looking forward to a faster journey with the DTL3, said that the train he was on stopped for about five minutes per station from Kaki Bukit to Tampines.

“The journey from Jalan Besar to Tampines was supposed to be 19 minutes, (but the) delays started from Kaki Bukit.
“I would still prefer to use buses running on the expressway for faster journeys. At least they’re more reliable than the trains.”

Several others reported DTL3 delays they experienced today on social media:

Free mrt…

Posted by Gloria Lai on Friday, 20 October 2017

BREAKING: Downtown Line 3 suffers track fault on first day of soft launch


    • Don’t you think it is very insulting for a new line to have fault during soft launch and 1st few days operation. It is not a matter of free or not free but rather whether the line had been tested during trial runs. I mean many many trial runs to make sure it is of high quality outcome.

  1. What kind of nonsense is this type of explanation??? We dumb founded Sinkaporean lost all our sense of standard?? Y r the white cock talking minster still in the seat?? Sinkaporean are helpless to remove a white monster they created?? Good luck next few generations of sinkaporean!!

  2. New line ok!! What kind of lame excuse is this? You are being paid millions and you cannot even get something like this right???

    First day ok?? Talk about a terrible omen for the rest of its operations when they can’t even get it running properly on the first day!!?

  3. Wow , is okay cos sometime it happens n may be bad luck , but minister salary still same so don’t worry ok , he will sack the person who is at fault , may be is the signal boy this time round

  4. since the train returned, Sg continues to buy more from the same supplier. What can commuters expect! HK’s MTR is investigating n questioning the same crack defect on the main frame now! somebody bought cheap inferior stuffs save $ for their extra bonus.

  5. It is so sad that on the opening day there are already problems with this line. I think we will all be glad when things return to normal, and EVERYTHING WORKS AGAIN IN SINGAPORE! Just sick and tired of overpaying top management and the government which fails to deliver time and time again and are still allowed to keep their jobs! Looks like we can expect BIG time failure in our government too.

  6. Shame to the Thick Skin of old Penang Pengiun who so proudly smile at the opening of DtL3 & later in the day broke down to cause the 1st disruption on a busy day !! Cut off half month of ur High Salary as a compensation for ur unproductive work as a millionaire minister !?!

  7. Train fault, track fault – whose responsibility? Infrastructure is government, running is operator, they forgot to point fingers at each other, MOT vs MRT/SBST. Signalling, platform doors, maintenance/flooding, …? Solution – go public, under one roof.

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