“Don’t Wayang Lah” – Netizens on Halimah Yacob “thinking about” running for presidency


Netizens have trolled Madam Halimah Yacob, claiming that the Speaker of Parliament is acting and putting on a show of “thinking about” joining the presidential race, following her confirmation that she is eyeing the presidential election to be held this year.

At the parliamentary debate on the Presidential Election (amendment) Bill in February this year, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Chan Chun Sing, accidentally referred to Madam Halimah as “Madam President” instead of “Madam Speaker”. Netizens who responded to Mr Chan’s slip then, wondered if it was a freudian one.

Speaking after a community event in her Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC yesterday, Madam Halimah said:

“I am thinking about it, of running for the presidency…The elected presidency is a very heavy responsibility and an important institution in Singapore, so it’s not something that one should take lightly… so it needs a bit of time to think. But I must say at this moment, I have a lot of duties I have to perform, as Speaker, as MP. These duties are also very dear and important to me.”

Commentators online have responded sarcastically to Madam Halimah’s statement that she is consulting her family on whether she should join the presidential race, which has been reserved for members of the Malay community.


  1. The elected Malay President is the BRAINCHILD of the dishonourable son, PM LHL. He changed The Singapore Constitution to allow for this Unnecessary and Very Expensive action ONLY because he wants to give the impression that there is a President to check on the government. The Truth is that the Elected Malay President is hamstrung by the Council of Presidential Advisers who can override him/her. Another DISHONOURABLE action of PM LHL. Speaker Halimah Yacob is unbelievably stupid. Why NOT play it nice and straight by telling the PEOPLE that she wants the job and will be contesting the PE??? Why WAYANG and say that she’ll consult with her family and all that crap? This controversial issue of the Elected Malay President has been ongoing for more than a year! Before she even contest for the Presidential Election Speaker Halimah Yacob has already confirmed that she is UNTRUSTWORTHY!

    • Nothing great to contribute to Singaporean lives except all the meaningless speeches prepared by boss n gang , birds of the same feather flock together : drama all the time but audience laughing at their stupidity and uselessness : waste of nation’s time and resources : puppets all string together

    • Yes, Alvina. Loves it when you put it in clear and uncompromising terms. The PAP has lost its way. A simple analogy: They want to get to Johore Bahru using Bukit Timah Road. Instead of travelling towards JB they are driving towards Queen Street! Reason for the analogy: I frequently take the Green Bus (now defunct) during my schooldays to JB and down to QS. I KNOW the way. Many intelligent and sincere Singaporeans know what NEEDS to be done. And, in this matter, UNDONE! We should revert to the APPOINTED President. IF PM LHL wants a Malay, he’s guaranteed to get a Malay President. SURELY, he has ULTERIOR MOTIVES! It is undeniable and indisputable: He is DISHONOURABLE! A Disgrace and BURDEN on Singapore. World wide a laughing stock and an irksome clown.

    • Daniel Ong , A “dishonourable” pm will go all his way out to place a “dishonourable ” president. To denial an unacceptable arranged race election, we shud canvass for spoilt votes to all appointed racial candidates in this coming citizens unhappy arranged presidential election. Do not leave blank votes as the space in the slip may be filled by dishonourable people.

    • Yes, Thomas. This is one way of doing it. However, it is a Foregone Conclusion that PM LHL will get a Dishonourable Malay President to completely allow him to continue doing the dishonourable things to Singapore and Singaporeans. He is NOT for us, the citizens who PAY him. He is ALL FOR Himself! Keep up the pressure. We must NOT relent in Our DUTY To Keep The PAP HONEST!

    • Aiyo ………wonder if it is a norm within administration that if you want someone to be in compliant position , it must always be someone else initiation and as for the compliant personnel , it must be at the public interest to take up the compliant position …………common man in the street can never understand the ever complex working of the administration …….

    • Where got stupid? From $1800 per day salary to $3000 per day, not bad what. Some more don’t need to attend Parliament liao, don’t need conduct meet the people sessions, only need to act blind, don’t need to even act blur as shown by the current puppet.

  2. Other candidate not Malay enough and dun meet the criteria set by the whites. So should be a walk over. She is not a Malay her father Indian so she is an indian so not qualify for the Malay President. Pls lah even primary school kids know that race is determined by the race of the father!!! No??? So desperate to be president that can even disown her father. Such character to be president, joke ah!!!!

  3. Much as how TT manage to be the POROS, the croonies will have no choice but to ensure they remain in control by putting their sellout malay dog. Much is required to hold & protect how TCB would be tracing & questioning the dough. Its to their interest that it doesnt leak out.

    • Good on you, Mustaffah! This Elected Malay President is a tight slap in the face of the Malays! PM LHL is saying: The Malays are NOT good enough. Let’s make a Malay as the elected president anyway. And, the PAP will ensure that the election will result in the ‘Malay’ PAP candidate winning. Again, let’s ADHERE to our National Pledge and TRULY give every Singaporean equal rights under the Rule of Law. And, rest assured, we will NOT abandon our poor, sick or socially disadvantaged citizens.

    • For now, I’d stick to TCB. He sure knows how to stir shit up against the croonies and I am definitely against HY as she’s a proven puppet and even one who does not fought for malay community.

      In my opinion, other candidates may just be a diversion or even easier target for the croonies to creep their ideologies and indoctrinating them into their ‘LISTEN TO ME OR ELSE’ system of thoughts…..

  4. foregone conclusion. scripted just like 3.7.17. consult family and colleagues? – reject it if you still have any pride left. It is not worth being a puppet no matter how much they pay you.

    • I do NOT expect anyone to DIE for their principles. However, it is crystal clear that easy money or greed is the motive for Speaker Halimah Yacob to contest the Elected Malay Presidency. She is already earning GOOD money for little real and productive work! Shameful! That’s how I see it.

    • it is usually when people are troubled that they consult doctors, religious leaders, Gods, mediums lawyers, etc What is there to consult in this case? The unholy haste to change constitution to accomodate a malay president is racist and dubious when all these decades it was ok until someone squeaked through by a whisker – so it is time to change the rules again to ensure your horse wins at all costs. Has the Gods spoken yet? Need more consultation? Or need another divine sign from the heavens like another lightning merlion strike?

  5. What a joke. We all knew it all along.

    Idiot government thinking we are fools. Well… some … maybe a huge number may be fools but not everyone.

  6. pap will further damage the party integrity if there are any left after the oxley thing, ownself clear ownself and is a laughter stock for the world to see how democratic spore is. now another self serving agenda that pap is going to force its way through by insisting the this woman who disown her own father to run for the malay only president election will open another can of worms that even the cabinet cannot do salvage the consequence of appointing this woman as president , this time maybe the last straw that signal the beginning of the downfall of the lightning party. soon it will be ownself sabo ownself.

    • I think the more worrying thing is LHL is not capable for his job. He has all the time to formulate his plan. He thinks to use ‘Malay’ to prevent TCB to contest for President. He must have his ‘Malay’ in his plan already before he made the whole wayang and only this Indian Muslim fits.

    • Yes, Ace Chew. It is unthinkable! Disowning your own racial origin just to gain the millions of dollars when as Speaker of Parliament she is already earning enough for very little PRODUCTIVE work! I KNOW. Politicians are lawmakers. They produce NOTHING! The men who work on the high rise buildings to put concrete slabs together, paint it or do anything up there to make the high rise flats livable and aesthetically pleasing …..these are the people, the nurses and the kitchen hands and all the hardworking men and women who make a TANGIBLE contribution to society, I SALUTE YOU! PAP Politicians, YOU ought to be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! Underachievers and so mentally challenged in that they cannot even put forward a credible argument even if there is a hidden agenda with it! Yes, I am a straight shooter and will call things as I see it. However, I’m a diplomatic person in real life. My policy: Make friends and influence PEOPLE! Can’t say that I always succeed but can honestly say that people do respect me. Truth be told: YOU can’t please everyone. Just do what you can and think is right. And, I’m NOT in the least concerned about what others thinks and say about me. It is their mouths and their minds! I’ll do my best for us. And, believe me, it is NOT and never about me.

    • I am afraid we have been hoodwinked. Read from another board, the Straits Time already lay the ground. Easy peasy, what means Malay. The job is made for her.

  7. I will not hesitate to support the Malay MP; Mr Faisal from WP instead of anyone if they are all out to block Dr Tan from running for the presidency election.

  8. Please don’t make us look stupid. All this Peng & Prata (PAP) has gone overboard. We the people are not happy with you being the next President. Full and Final.

  9. Trained to be drama+wayang PAPpet bcos mache is caring can prepare makan makan masak masak anka anka and also must know to bola bola, mache also can, tangaji manakam

  10. Too hard, too hard, too hard, I don’t know how to make anymore excuses. So hard to respect the unrespectable! Even a child can see the play acting and the gaming of it all for incumbent control. Really pls pls don’t waste time and resources. Assign it, swear her in and be done….

  11. Many Indian Paternal and Malay Maternal proclaimed they are Malay especially Maricans and Mamaks..

    Feeling disgusted of being Indian when their bloodline is of Indian

  12. Already there is selected bunch of 6 /8 advisers listed. So …..next question can she unveil her head scarf with USA …. or visit to Non Muslim countries?

    Can she eat non halal cooked foods at VIP invitation to USA or non Muslim community /Countries?

    How do you think better way to build relationships with Non Muslims Countries or alliances like Australia or European countries?

    Just my opinion

  13. Let us ALL write TAN CHENG BOCK on the ballot paper come election. A spoiled vote is as good as a PROTEST VOTE. Imagine this EP election being a laughing stock in the eyes of the world once the sheer number of spoiled votes have been counted.

  14. CCS already address you as Mdm President! That can only mean one thing – you are approved by the current cabinet! Quit the wayang! Enjoy your $3000 per day salary for the next 5 to 10 years! Current $1800 per day is not enough for you! Plus a big house!

  15. It seems PAP had already prepared for the slaughter right from the beginning to with their speaker in mind for the running. Deceiving us when it was never the minorities’ interest to begin with but really PAP’s own selfish interests. WTF is our PM fixing all these wrongful things at the wrong moment ?

  16. Wonder if we can hire a Malay speaking robot for 0.000000000001% of d price. Really ai should remove such irrelevant n redundant jobs. Pepper can do d same thing. Pepper can shake hands n say yes to everything.

    • His words were deliberately equivocal. Wat happen to the leader of the hse n the WHIP ?
      Imagine if it was spoken by WP.

  17. She is not upfront and is playing with words. They alrdy planned the President post for her. No need to beat around the bush, just say I want to be a SG Malay President. Need to say I need to consult family first or I think about it. This is like wayang wayang lah.


  19. She is a good person. There is no doubt about it. But with all the things going on in the political landscape, there is a strong sense of frustration and angst. Voters may translate their feelings into the ballot box for Presidential elections.

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