Doctors Suspended for Using Severed Leg as a Pillow in India


An official for the government hospital Maharani Laxmibai Medical College and Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India,  announced an investigation on March 11 after reports surfaced that the severed leg of a patient had been used as a pillow under his head. The two doctors involved in the case have been suspended.

Pictures of the patient lying on stretcher with his leg holding up his head have emerged. Sadhna Kaushik, the hospital’s head, announced that a committee of four persons are investigating the matter to determine exactly who used the severed leg as a pillow, and has promised that strict action will ensue in the event that a hospital staff member is discovered to be behind the gruesome occurrence.

The patient, a 28 year old man who goes by only one name, Ghanshyam, had been in a bus accident and sustained grave injuries. Ghanshyam’s relatives claim that they had repeatedly asked for a pillow for the patient, but were disregarded by the staff of the hospital.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, they discovered that his head was resting on his severed leg. Janaki Prasad, a relative of Ghanshyam, told a local news outlet, “I repeatedly asked the doctors to intervene but they refused,” and so some relatives themselves bought Ghanshyam a pillow.

However, according to Ms. Kaushik, it was actually a relative who placed the leg as a headrest for Ghanshyam, and that the patient received immediate medical assistance from hospital staff. She told the Press Trust of India, “The doctor looked for something to raise his head. The patient’s attendant used the leg.”

Government hospitals in India severely suffer from a lack of funding, staff and equipment, with millions of patients being attended to by only a few specialists. The incident occurred in one of India’s lowest-income areas, Uttar Pradesh, where 200 million people live, and where those who need medical assistance often have to endure long queues even for minor ailments. It is also not uncommon to have incidents of medical negligence in this state.

In 2017, at a state government hospital, a shortage of oxygen caused the deaths of scores of children. And just last month, a doctor with no license was arrested, since he had reportedly infected 46 people with HIV when he re-used a syringe.


  1. Its his own severed leg. But put by his stupid family, shouldn’t blame the under staff dr. They could have just roll up a towel or bed sheet. Just pure foolishness in poor illiterate India. So be happy with Spore high standard.

    Indian fake doctor worked in NSW system for 11 years

    Dr Death killing patients in US, then Oz

    Fake degree & Dr in India- 45% no formal training, 700,000 unqualified out of all 840,000 doctors. Is Reuters smearing India or under reporting?

    “The market has been flooded with doctors so poorly trained they are little better than quacks.”

    Sujatha Rao, former Indian health secretary


    About 45 percent of the people in India who practice medicine have no formal training, according to the Indian Medical Association. These 700,000 unqualified doctors have been found practicing at some of India’s biggest hospitals, giving diagnoses, prescribing medicines and even conducting surgery. ….

    India currently has about 840,000 doctors – or about seven physicians for every 10,000 people.

    Dr. Nareshkumar S. Dhaniwala, who served as the principal of the college between 2011 and 2013, said “there is some truth in the letter.” Animals, such as pigs and cows, do roam the campus, teachers and students don’t turn up for lessons, and there is a scarcity of running water in the dormitories, he said. And before he joined, he said, he heard students had to pay to pass final exams.

    Balwant Rai Arora, a Delhi resident in his 90s, said in an interview that he issued more than 50,000 fake medical degrees from his home until his forgery ring was broken up by the police in 2011. Each buyer paid about $100 for a degree from fictitious colleges. Arora was twice convicted and jailed for forgery.

    “There is a shortage of doctors in India. I am just helping people with some medical experience get jobs,’’ said Arora. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

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