Cyclists escort lost elderly cardboard collector 6km to his home in Yishun


A pair of cyclists helped to escort an elderly cardboard collector to his home in Yishun, six kilometres away, last Wednesday (28 Feb).

Ray Ang, who escorted the elderly man along with his friend Kwek Jun Yuan, shared on Facebook group Love Cycling SG that they were approached by the man at Yishun Dam. The man, who was lost, requested to use Ang’s phone to call his wife who did not answer her phone.

Unwilling to let the man wander and possibly starve all night, Ang and Kwek escorted the man and his goods back home. Ang wrote:

“Dear LCSG, tonight at Yishun Dam me and some friends were were approached by a cardboard collector who had lost the way back to Yishun. Using my phone, he called his wife…who did not pick up. Unwilling to let him wander and starve all night, me and my friend Kwek Jun Yuan (who took this photo) walked 6km slowly to get him and his goods home to Yishun.
“May he ride safe always, and remember the love of fellow cyclists and the true spirit of the Loop.”

Netizens responding to the post showered both the young cyclists with praise.