Commuters roast SMRT for overreacting to spoof Uber advertisement at train station


A photo of an advertisement at a train station that appears to be by Uber poking fun at SMRT for its frequent breakdowns has been circulating online. The advertisement says:

SMRT break down again? Wait for what? Uber lah.

The advertisement has been proven to be a doctored image. Uber disclaimed any responsibility to the photo and clarified in a Facebook statement that they take pride that their services complement SMRT’s transit services:

“We can confirm that a spoof ad circulating online was not done by us. With one quarter of rides in Singapore starting and ending at a train station, we take pride in being able to complement public transit. We appreciate the work that SMRT is doing.”

SMRT shared Uber’s statement on their Facebook page and said:

“Thanks to Uber for clarifying this. The ad circulating online is in bad taste and it’s not funny especially to our people who are working so hard 24/7.”

Instead of commiserating with SMRT, commuters roasted the organisation online, indicating that the group is overreacting when it has bigger problems to worry about:


  1. The dumdum are always money minded, as if you all don’t know about it? Since when did they care about Majullah Singapura?? This is all in the pipeline. As The dumdum is under way investing into UBER. Don’t you get it. MRT breaking down is just part of force advertisement to get census of how the goat & sheep react towards the shepherd .. It’s always about MONEY that goes into their pockets, it’s never about the people who blindly voted for them to look after the people interest. Why vote for the dumdum who blinded with their BS and lies, when the people don’t get what is promise and rights of “Singaporean first”. Foreign trash and the dogs minion get more privileges then Majullah Singapura? Will they defend our country, Help the people here? They jolly well will send their income back to their cuntries rather then spending here dumdum. Wake up 70%, VTO!

  2. Issue fine to people for littering, smoking at void deck, speeding, why can’t people fine SMART for their breakdowns causing commuters to suffer!

  3. It’s a good move. If SMRT are piss then get their act right and fix the problems. Beside uber ain’t lying with that ads. Lol. Whole world knows it, even Guinness book of records knows it

  4. last time when there train track suicides occasionally, the train system was good. now, with no way to do train suicides, the mrt system is creating more problem. this means the mrt system has been deprived of human blood. I think the mrt tracks need the ceo’s blood on it.

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