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Car “saves” pedestrian’s life by crashing into taxi that beat red light at Bukit Merah




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Dashboard camera footage of a car accident at Jalan Bukit Merah has been going viral online after it showed that the crash actually diverted a speeding taxi that had beat the red light and was careening towards a pedestrian.

The incident occurred this past Wednesday, around 8pm. In a video posted on social media by Roads.sg, a pedestrian can be seen rushing across the road while the traffic light shows red for cars to stop.

A taxi, however, runs the red light and heads right toward the passenger when a black car moving from the left rams into the side of the taxi before it could reach the pedestrian, inadvertently saving the pedestrian’s life.

While netizens are showering praise on the car driver for saving the pedestrian’s life, the police have reported that a passenger in the car was conveyed to Singapore General Hospital in a conscious state. It is unclear whether there were any other injured parties.

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Watch the video here:

taxi beats red light and gets T-boned

Superhero drives a black car.Taxi driving off when light is red and nearly hitting a lady pedestrian when this black car T-bone the taxi and thus saving the lady from injury.Here is our wish list: 1) That there are NO passengers in the taxi.2) The lady pedestrian is fine.3) Nobody is seriously hurt in this accident.4) Superhero black car claims gao gao from the taxi insurance.Lastly, we agree with car cam that this taxi driver 'is a goondu".Time and date stamp is accurate. Happened along Jalan Bukit Merah towards City.Credit: KK

Posted by ROADS.sg on Wednesday, 30 January 2019

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