BMW involved in Caltex Tampines saga up for sale on

It appears that the BMW believed to be involved in the Caltex Tampines saga is up for sale on Online sleuths have tracked the car to the vehicle classifieds portal, where the used BMW 5 series 520i XL car is listed on sale for $28,500.

The car and the man believed to be its former owner became embroiled in controversy, after the BMW driver got into a dispute with a petrol pump attendant at a Caltex petrol kiosk at Tampines Ave 8 over the weekend.

The issue occurred after the driver asked the attendant to fill his vehicle with $10 worth of petrol but was shocked to find that the attendant had filled a full tank of petrol, amounting to $135. The BMW refused to pay for something he had not asked and the elderly attendant agreed to cover the remaining cost, allegedly since he did not want to create an issue.

The case went viral after Facebook user Kelly Yeo shared the story online, painting the driver in an unfavourable light. Netizens excoriated the driver and released his private details online even as support poured forth for the attendant. Caltex also chimed in and said that it did not make the attendant cover the $125.

This did not stave off the disdain that netizens showed for the BMW driver. Some even created a Facebook group, with a self-professed objective to “Hunt this scumbag down teach him a evil lesson with NO VIOLENT IS INVOLVED!”

However, when a reporter from the Chinese daily visited the home of the BMW driver, he heard a different story.

It turns out that the BMW driver had been planning to trade his car in at a dealership in Jurong. This was why he wanted to top up only $10 worth of petrol, so it could cover his trip from Tampines to Jurong. This was later confirmed by the police.

The driver, whose identity and personal details had been leaked online by angry vigilantes, reported that he was afraid for the safety of his family following the incident.

Despite the driver’s explanation, netizens remain upset and have commented that the BMW on sale would be “unlucky” for its new owner: