Beauty Queen Defends Miss Singapore Finalists By Showing Own Bare Face to the World


Beauty pageant regular Melissa Wix has released a bare faced photo of herself on Facebook in defense of this year’s Miss Singapore finalists who have been slammed online as “pathetic.”

While some commentators expressed support for the ladies participating in the competition this year, many said that they could not believe their eyes and that they’re hoping that this is just an elaborate joke.

Having been crowned Miss Bikinis Asia 2016 and Miss Cosmopolitan World Singapore 2016, Melissa said that the Miss Singapore finalists are not ‘ugly’ but simply need proper grooming and makeup.

Sharing a side-by-side comparison of her face without any makeup and her face when she won a pageant, Melissa said, “Quit criticising them and look at yourself in the mirror bare-faced first.”

To all those people who are bashing the Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant contestants:No. Those girls are not 'ugly'. Some…

Posted by Melissa Wix on Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Melissa has previously expressed her support for the finalists in her Facebook page, when their photo went viral. She had said:

This photo has been going viral because many find the contestants ‘not up to standard’ or ‘ugly’. Here is my take on this. 

I see so many nasty comments about the girls in this picture of how they are ugly or not up to standard. But the person/organization u guys should be hating on is the organizers of the pageant itself. They very well know the standard of being a beauty contestant, yet, they allow these girls to be a finalist and why? Because of money. I know of some pageants who collect ‘registration fees’ and these registration fees can go up to a few hundred dollars. They do not care about the contestants at all and just want to earn as much money as possible by feeding on their vanity. The more contestants they have, the more tables they sell during their grand finals and the more they earn. They clearly don’t care wherethe the girls will get bashed online for their looks if not they would have picked quality over quantity.

As a pageant organization, their responsibility is to vet through applicants and make sure the girls look their best always. This is not the case as many of them are way prettier in their own profile pictures then in this photo.

That being said, I know of pageants who are really sincere in what they do and believe in, like Miss Bikini Asia/Miss Lumiere Singapore.

Also, Singaporeans in general are not very supportive of our own beauty pageants. Majority of the time when a pageant makes headline news, it is always reflected in a negative light. How do u expect girls to even dare join a pageant when the criticism is so harsh? You think joining a pageant is easy? No its not. It requires a hell lot of time and commitment and money.

Also, i really applaud these girls for their confidence. Yes, some of them may not be ‘pretty’. But clearly u can see that some don’t even wear makeup in this photo and how can a beauty pageant organization even allow this to happen. Don’t they have makeup artists to help them out?

All in all, i hope everyone stops bashing on the girls because this is not their fault. Even i look like that without makeup with my spectacles on. The fault lies with the organization for allowing this to happen.


  1. Melissa Wix i hate to break this to you sweet heart. Seriously, the group picture of you all together sucked big time. Not the quality of the picture but the subject matter of the picture.

  2. your makeup wants your face to look western with big blue eyes and very fair skin… basically hiding your true self instead of emphasizing your looks

  3. u know why these bloggers are supporting the contestants?!? cos these gals are dreaming of joining Ms Sg one day themselves too…but scared now bcos of the critism…Lollll

  4. Original beauty is at its best Ada little as possible made up. Then only you can see how well one looks after herself and her skin. Having enough of sleep , eating right , no gossiping or bitching and lastly no smoking where the breath stinks hell high. Putting make up is a misrepresentation of ones true inner self and original beauty. So pageants and beauty are very Passe. So guys don’t be fool by today’s women especially when they use so much makeup and photoshop.

    • Exactly! They joined a public event to be judged on their looks yet they are unable to accept judgement by the public lol… wtf is wrong with the mindset of the current generation

    • This is reality to receive negative comments from public similarly we also hear passing remarks of women in the streets by men. It is natural for men & women to pass their unsolicited judgement.

    • Because these are all selfie addicts. They sit in their room , paint their face with 3 or 4 coatings , than take photos post on FB where only their equally deluded friends will give complimentary comments.
      Now when the reality thunder struck, all wanna sulk and whine..

  5. “Some of them are already pretty also.”
    Was she trying to show support or not? I thought the whole idea was supposed to be already pretty to join? Else it is a make-up skills and grooming contest?

  6. Actually people do take issue that after makeup, some of them still look somewhat inadequate.
    Perhaps, it is not the organisers’ fault for lowering their standards but employing lousy make-up artists.

  7. If a lady has to plaster her face with all that make up in order to win beauty pageant is simply ridiculous. Plastering your face doesn’t make you beautiful. It’s a mask.
    Sorry to say this but there are beautiful women around with minimal or no makeup at all.

  8. Isn’t she Melissa Wix?… Her photos were leaked when she did ‘sexy’ photoshoots at a Hotel room with a photographer when she was underage…

  9. This is why I do not support beauty pageants. Too much makeup is bad for the skin.

    But more importantly, well…just take a look at the picture.

    Oh I am not supposed to be judging? Okay then, I will poke my eyes out and listen for the judges’ winning pick.

  10. Look at ourself at mirror first .. yes.. we had.. so we didnt join the pageant.. you choose to join, but cannot take those negative comments? Come on.. grow up. If you can’t take these comments.. give up and just quit!!

  11. Just ask the organizer, take out the words “Beauty” and ” Singapore” ! May rename it as Miss “Not So Beauty “of One Kim Mall” 2017…

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