Another LTA boo-boo? Jingapore or Singapore?


The photo above of a signboard by Land Transport Authority (LTA) at Downtown Line station, Tampines West, has been circulating online and many have noticed what appears to be an erroneous spelling of the nation’s name Singapore as “Jingapore”.

Many Singaporeans have been sharing the image on social media and on text messaging application, WhatsApp, and have called the LTA out for the boo-boo, in a time when the LTA grapples with several issues like the ‘deeply concerning’ SMRT flooding investigation findings, and the fact that COE premiums have risen by over 10% in spite of the Authority’s assurances that plans to cut the car growth rate to zero per cent will not significantly affect COE prices.

But is this latest ‘misspelling’ really a typo or was it deliberate?

It turns out that “Jingapore” is a pun combining ‘Singapore’ and local artist Jing Quek’s name. Jing has been using the word ‘Jingapore’ for at least as far back as 2011, as can be seen in this art exhibition promo online:


  1. Was going to give the benefit that it’s a typo, but,…
    ‘S’ is way over to the left of KB while ‘J’ is over at the opposite end.
    Must be one really fat finger.

  2. Jingapore may be correct. Because the Singapore of LKY is going through a transformation into something else seeing how garmen manages and say things in the last 2 years

  3. Whoever wrote this piece has not processed the information very well… If you read the description, it’s intentional. Just like how the writer is intentionally trying to provoke outrage amongst certain demographics of readers.

  4. Yeah right…jinxgapore..another deep rooted cultural issue in SMRT? Or just another oversight by high level sloppy management? If you can’t spell or read.. how are u going to carry out complex work instructions? Oh yes u can…. just sign lah ‘wok competed!’ Hahahahaha!

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