Ang Moh father carrying infant jaywalks in the middle of road; picks fight with driver for ‘disapproving look’


An angry Caucasian man carrying an infant has been caught on camera appearing to fly into a rage due to an alleged disapproving look by a driver who had to stop suddenly when the man jaywalked in the middle of a street that does not have a traffic light or zebra crossing.

The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday along St Thomas Walk around 6.45pm.

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In the video, the man can be seen suddenly crossing the road with a baby strapped to his chest when the car turns into the junction. While the man initially signals for the car to wait for him to cross, he still does not rush and motions for a woman who appears to be his wife to walk behind him with a baby stroller, instead of waiting for the car to pass.

Suddenly, the man approaches the car and yells at the driver, gesturing to the baby strapped to his chest and telling the driver to “f@#$ off.”

It is unclear what the driver did to instigate the aggression. Another pedestrian who crossed the road appeared to stop in confusion and stared at the driver before continuing, so it appears that the driver may have retaliated if he did not provoke the outburst.


  1. this news abit bo liao leh. there are many “it could be’s”. they are trying to cross the junction and the ang moh simply held up his hand to get the wife to cross. the driver slowed down before that anyway. what’s there to stir? my could be is that the driver did something snarky.

    if you want to stir, should target gct’s and lhl’s policy of prostituting our country to the world. i blame the politicians.

    the independent sg should work its ass off to gain credibility in the eyes of sinkies by doing proper investigative journalism instead of reporting these non-events.

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