Featured News Americans laud PM Lee for not speaking in his "native tongue" at...

Americans laud PM Lee for not speaking in his “native tongue” at White House




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Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong concluded his first official visit to the White House since President of the United States of America Donald Trump took office.

President Trump and PM Lee reaffirmed the relationship between the US and Singapore at the meeting, where the POTUS claimed that the US-Singapore relationship has “never been closer than now” and “won’t ever be stronger.”

After exchanging pleasantries, the world leaders observed a contract signing between Singapore Airlines and Boeing over a US$13.8 billion deal for the purchase of 39 aircrafts. They proceeded to the Rose Garden later for a joint press conference.

Interestingly, the comments section of a video of the joint conference uploaded on YouTube has provided endless laughs for Singaporeans, since some Americans lauded PM Lee on his English and for not speaking in his native language.

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Though some netizens clarified that English is the main language used in Singapore it appears that despite the advancements Singapore has made over the years, many people around the world still do not know much about the little red dot.

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