A World United for Peace in Gaza

Conflict is inevitable in any society. However, combat is always optional. For the people of Gaza, combat has become their reality. Their days are clouded by smoke from bombs, and they are lulled to sleep at night by the sounds of explosions. Their children and running in fields instead of dancing in playgrounds. Their women are mourning the dead instead of celebrating life. Their cry has resonated with people from all religions, backgrounds, races and nations. Their cry is universal; the cry for peace.

One can only wonder which word planted the hatred, which spark lit the embers of war, and which action fueled the fire that is burning the streets of Gaza. Regardless of the cause, the whole world is looking for the words that will still the storm, and the resonating demand for peace that will be loud enough to silence the blasts. People from all over the world, from Washington to Singapore have already condemned the senseless killing of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. Even religious and political leaders have formed a brotherhood of man, to demand an end to the bloodshed.

On August 9th 2014, protesters from various cities around the world voiced their rage against the violence in Gaza. They poured out on the streets of Paris, Berlin, Cape Town, Tehran and even London to ask for an end to the siege. The former Cuban Leader, Fidel Castro, has also joined the voices that are calling for an end to violence. He has asked the Israel government to end the occupation of Gaza and to respect the resolutions that were passed by the United Nations.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa has also joined the demonstrations against the violence in Gaza. He supports the pursuit of the people of Gaza for freedom from persecution and humiliation, calling it a righteous and unstoppable cause. Other leaders who have echoed these sentiments include the Bolivian President Evo Morales, and Argentinian Nobel Peace Laureate Adolfo Perez.

Anyone who has lived through conflict, lost through conflict or witnessed conflict knows that it never redresses any wrongs. They can attest to the fact that the only thing that is good about any conflict is its ending. The whole world has united in praying for a peaceful ending and resolution to the Gaza Crisis. Hopefully, the resounding demands for a ceasefire will prevail, and peace will have the final say.