55-year-old amputee cleaner fired for taking one-day MC


55-year-old cleaner, Mr Isah was terminated from his job late last year for taking one-day MC after suffering severe side effects including dizziness and vomiting from a usual dialysis session.

Mr Isah is an amputee, who had three toes on his left foot and one toe on his right foot amputated due to diabetes. He also suffers from kidney failure, hypertension and high blood pressure.

Today, he is unable to work due to the condition of his feet and the severe side effects like fatigue, vomiting, headaches and the inability to consume food he continues to suffer from after each of dialysis sessions. He undergoes dialysis thrice a week.

As such, Mr Isah depends on his wife, Madam Zaitun, whose income as a cleaner is insufficient to support their family of five. The couple have three children, the youngest of whom – a 20-year-old young man – is due to enlist into National Service this August having completed his education.

Due to their financial situation, Mr Isah and Madam Zaitun have outstanding payments to be made to HDB.

Non-profit organisation Ray of Hope Initiative Limited (ROHI) hopes to raise $1000 for Mr Isah’s family, to disburse $250 a month over four months to help the family with groceries expenses.

The group has raised $530 so far.

If you would like to donate, visit simplygiving.com/event/MrIsah.



  1. This is a case where the government can easily resolve. Just give Mr Isah a cleaning job! And, in the meantime, help him with cash and kind to meet his needs. What is the government FOR??? Getting millions and bonus for doing NOTHING??? Yes, taxpayers’ money should be spent on our Needy and socially disadvantaged. NOT on the insatiably greedy PAP ministers! Minister Grace Fu, where are you??? P.S. I am NOT for a ‘do nothing but get something’ attitude. We must work. Contribute. To your family and society in general. In this case Mr Isah was unfairly sacked.

  2. God will have no mercy on you Minister o H. You never care about less fortunate. Treatment and medicine including Insulin for Four Months is S$600 to S$700. Insulin and most dietetics medicine, most are not subsidized.
    I pray to God Karmas will be on you now! You don’t know about medicines, you are not even a Doctor. How are you to know the people suffering. You make people Suffer, Your Karmas are You will suffer even more.

  3. Children from low SES background should be exempted from NS. They carry the financial burden that their peers need not carry.

    Also on the side note, why aren’t the 2 older children helping?

  4. Please do not jump to conclusion instantly, unless we knew the actual facts. Finger pointing is useless. Singapore do have at least 30% of the unpatriotic. But that does not tantamount for verbally attacks.
    My rebellious son deserted from his NS duty. As a father, I do not knows where he is. I have no regrets if he is dead. Without a strong army, we have no water.
    Yes, our medicine cost is exorbitant. Our government should look into this serious matter without fail, and promptly! Regards.

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