3-year-old injured by MRT gantry gates while SBS staff watch on


A 3-year-old boy was injured when the MRT gantry gates at Hougang MRT Station apparently closed on the boy abruptly as he was trying to pass through. The boy’s mother was reported to have tried getting two SBS Transit staff members at the scene to help her son but they allegedly sat there and just watched.

The boy’s aunt, Kelly Ng, wrote on her Facebook page that her sister then opened the side gate to get to the boy after seeing that no help was going to be rendered to them.

When Kelly arrived on the scene, the staff supervisor was checking CCTV footage. Her sister also told her that the SBS staff was trying to record her conversation with them when she sought their help.

The boy reported experiencing pain in his chest, stomach and shoulder and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance the MRT staff had called for.

Kelly said:

“This kind of service standard is totally unacceptable. No matter what they were doing at that point in time, after they were informed, shouldn’t they just come out to check on a child who could possibly be injured when the gates closed on him unexpectedly? They were given enough response time but they did nothing.”

Kelly tagged SBS Transit in her Facebook post but reports that she has not received any calls, texts or Facebook messages from SBS checking on the boy even though they have been active on the social networking site. She said that her brother in law has brought up the incident to the appropriate authorities and that they are awaiting an official response.

SBS Transit Ltd Rushed over immediately to Hougang MRT when my Sister called me urgently at 853pm. My 3+ years old…

Posted by Kelly Ng on Sunday, 16 July 2017


  1. Having experienced 2 unfortunate incidents when the escalators at two different stations stopped abruptly, I can relate to this. Both incidents resulted in kids and senior citizens falling due to the sudden change in momentum. I rushed to the station control each time and each time, the staff were puzzled and surprised that such an event had occured. Even after I informed them, they still took their own sweet time to investigate. Even after I told them that I wanted a report and explanation to be sent to me, they conveniently forgot until I reminded them. It’s sad to live in a country where everything fails primarily because we have incompetent management managing clueless staff.

    • That’s horrible! And can u imagine that the mrt stations and their crew are supposed to be already primed for any terrorist attacks? How to trust them with that when they can’t even handle a handful of members of the public?!

    • Don’t worry about terrorist attacks, it’ll never happen at our MRT stns…here, terrorists only strike at Kopitiams..(check on the Advert posters and the recent exercise held )…the aunties and kopi Uncle can handle terrorist attacks situations better than SMRT staffs

    • Robin Chee which country are you migrating to that has a better system? I hope the one you’re considering treat second class citizens better or at the very least do not have the same attitude towards migrants like most Singaporeans do.

    • Why is this such a big deal!? You are told to hold on to the hand rail on an escalator so you would not fall and hurt yourself in event if it stop suddenly right? I think those warnings are easily visible illustrated and in plain English.

      Did you conveniently ignored it because you’re complacent or you think the world owes you to keep you safe?

      Were you being alert while traveling on the escalator or were you staring at your mobile device?

      ‘They took their own sweet time to investigate’…….hmmmm…….you expect them to scramble the SAF to attend to you because the escalator stopped!? (someone please push the RED BUTTON)! Call the paramedics, inform the PM and wake up the President too!

    • Anne Maes Mary in what ways are mrt staff primed for any terrorist attacks?

      If they are on high alert and primed, people scream they are too invasive!

      Would you be able to tell or stop a terrorist attack before it happen?

    • Michael G R Lum hello bloody moron, they were old and holding on to their grandkids with one hand and the hand rail on the other. So when it suddenly stopped would you be able to stay on your feet when you are old? Knowing a limp-wrist fucking cunt like you would just fall off and die and do a favour to the world. And the person who fell wasn’t me so you need a lesson in comprehension since your incompetent parents couldn’t be bothered to teach you. And I don’t stare at my mobile devices though you may do so because you just can’t stop watching the video of your parents (who happened to be siblings) screwing. And do you even know how Long they took before you asked the moronic question? How about months?? You bloody donkey nincompoop clown. Now I know why Singapore failed. Because of scums and intellectually impotent creatures like you.

    • Michael G R Lum go on and lick the balls of the authorities you useless wastrel. Disgusted that you accept payment by semen down your throat. Glad that your parents have taught you well.

    • Robin Chee ooooo……..defensive prick you are. Wonder what your folks fed you to make you grow up to be such an angry SOB!

      Singapore is failing because of……..Uncouth motherfuckers like you!

      Run along little fuck!

  2. Looks like some things haven’t changed for the better. I was sexually assaulted in my teens at the Bishan MRT station and in the train years ago when the trains/stations were not so densely populated. In my school uniform, I quickly informed the staff crew in the “fish bowl” at Somerset MRT station about it, and I was clearly distressed and in tears. The staff (who were all male) just kept quiet and stared at me, and when the man (a Dutch) who had the cheek to follow me explained to them that he was just “playing the fool” with me, they chuckled with him and told me to move along! There was no CCTV recording in those days, but it seems even with that now, seems like the attitude of the mrt staff is still horrendous.
    I hope the kid recovers soon from the trauma. The attitude of the staff really leaves much to be said!

    • Thanks, Dennis. I was 14 then, and this happened in 1992. I reported the incident to my school who called my parents. Dad made the report while I stayed back in school to sit for my exams. Nothing was followed up with us after that, and the police didn’t confirm that they had taken statements from the mrt crew or not. No one in my family spoke about it since then either.

    • Anne Maes Mary unless if it’s high profile murder case which will involve CID or if victims has white connections, standard police practice will be to record your statement then put it in a file and go for coffee break. Your case will be forever forgotten. This is personal experience.

    • Your parents did not teach you how to react in such situations?

      Unless your molester was caught red handed, what did you expect the guys in the ‘fish bowl’ to do for you?

      They can’t be your witness and you can call the police yourself.

      Are we always looking to be ‘looked after’ or think the world owes you a duty of care?

      What did your parents do for they are still ultimately responsible for you back then?

  3. Thats “service”! What to do? We need them more than they do of us. We have no choice. Little do they know of “respect” and cooperation from their customers which will make their job easier.

  4. Also curious to know why 3 years boy was alone ..
    I was afraid he might be following his mother through the gantry and it closed on him as the sensor detected her walking through first with a gap between her and her child…

    Should she have make him stay very close to her or carried him ?

    I must remember this when I bring my grandson on mrt.

    I don’t like how the staff reacted if it is as reported…
    So if terrorists attack they quickly go below the fish bubble and hide ??

  5. So sorry to learn if the unfortunate incident. Nothing has improved yet. Everything going downhill. The only items going up are costs and ticket prices and profits of the company!!!!!

  6. The training manual got to change and require review add-in human factors into it…seems our public transportation training system lack of human touch just train the staff like robot like….staff screw up management take responsibility (no more excuses) now, please. Accounbility is a must.

    • Not really. Have you ever hear the phase some arrogant prick telling (that not concern you because is beyond your pay grade)?! Those are usually the so called management personal when the ground staff reported unsafe practice or cooperates culture….

  7. Hopefully, a lesson is learned to be patient, prevention is better than cure. don’t have to rush for the train. But, if an incident do happen, i choose to believe they were assessing it calmly, and not reacting unnecessarily, by rushing to make a decision.

  8. Where is MP? HOW FAR to hide hide…. Many cases worst… MRT now everytime uses 5 MINUTES & THEN 5 minutes….. going to keep on this way?

  9. want pple side with you, dun side with you=delete. With that kinda of self entitled attitude, I wonder how one sided story this story is in the first place.

  10. Why is a 3 year old left to go through gantry himself? Where are his parents or guardian!?

    Probably if they stop looking at their phones and stop thinking the whole world is to blame if something happen to their precious kid, they would not be complaining!

  11. Wah! Even the lady’s account is questionable!

    What did she meant by the gantry closed ‘VERY FAST’!? That’s obviously said to hide the truth of why the boy took so long to walk through and push the blame to the gantry!

    Those gantries DO NOT SUDDENLY CLOSE VERY FAST! Unless you take your own bloody sweet time to go through! They work on a timer giving enough time for anyone to get through!

    What the fark does ‘the gates closed on him unexpectedly’!? You mean you do not expect the gantry gate to close!? Did you expect them to stay open for as long as you want!?

    • I would have thought the instinctive reaction would be to run up to the person to see if he’s injured, at least go take a look and ask. Whether or not he’s trained to perform any first-aid is besides the point. Looks like common sense isn’t so common anymore.

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