The battle for the next Presidency in America is rather a crucial one. For the most part, discussions on social media dictate that Trump is a clear winner. However, there are still strong Democrats around supporting Biden for a second term. 

President Joe Biden shared with donors in Weston, Massachusetts, on Tuesday that if former President Donald Trump didn’t run in 2024, he might not pursue another term himself. While previously indicating in 2019 that he might skip re-election if he won in 2020, Biden now seems to see himself as the primary Democrat capable of defeating Trump.

Expressing doubts, Biden remarked, “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” emphasizing the imperative for Democrats to prevent Trump from winning.

Further, Biden criticized Trump’s 2024 agenda, denouncing proposals like reducing the administrative state and cutting red tape for energy independence as perilous. He emphasized Trump’s outspokenness about his intentions.

Despite warnings from some Democrats and establishment figures about Biden’s viability against Trump, polling consistently shows Trump leading Biden in crucial swing states and among specific voter demographics, suggesting a challenging re-election battle for the current president.

President Biden would not have run for President if Trump “retired?” 

It appears that X users disagree with this idea that Biden is able to beat Trump in the elections. They state that if he wanted Trump to lose, he should’ve withdrawn himself from the candidacy and let a new person take over. This sentiment is rather a popular one between both conservatives and liberals. 


Following that, X users debate among each other on the impact of the President’s claims. Many found it lacklustre that the President is running again solely to not let Trump be the President again. However, Democrats claim that this is a solid enough reason while throwing accusations towards America’s former President. 

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