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A tumultuous situation unfolded at UNC-Chapel Hill, with demonstrators clashing with police on campus. The tension escalated when the American flag was replaced with a non-American flag on the main quad, leading to confrontations between protesters and law enforcement. 

According to WRAL, UNC Interim Chancellor Lee Roberts intervened, canceling classes and suspending non-mandatory operations amid the chaos. Police attempted to clear the area, facing resistance from protesters who tried to block police vehicles and enter restricted buildings. 

Following that, the scene saw the removal and subsequent reinstatement of the American flag, with officers deploying pepper spray to control the situation. Despite efforts to restore order, confrontations continued, prompting additional security measures and arrests. 

The incident highlighted ongoing tensions surrounding the Middle Eastern conflict and raised questions about free speech, campus safety, and the university’s response to protests.

Conservatives cheering on students protecting the American flag

Furthermore, conservative pages on X find it disturbing that the country’s flag is being taken down. Most users agree that the American flag should fly above any other nation’s flag on the soil of the United States. Most other countries would do the same thing for their own respective flags. 

In addition to this, X users are blaming the current educational system in the country. They claim that education now prioritizes people’s gender identity and the ultra liberal agenda rather than science and math. 

Others state that these kids are doing the right thing protecting their country’s flag. Some believe that there is still hope in protecting the country’s history and pride with the youth ready to defend it. 

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