The topic of Biden’s popularity has been a heavily debated subject among X users. Many are tired of the entire situation as they feel he needs to step up in order to fix the economy. With the 2024 elections looming on, Joe Biden’s popular rating has decreased even among Democrat voters. 

Just a few months back, thieves stole used cooking oil from a fast food chain. According to USAToday, thieves have targeted a Georgia Chick-fil-A, stealing 700 to 800 gallons of cooking oil, valued at $2,000, in multiple heists over the past few months. The most recent incident occurred around 3:00 a.m. on Oct. 5 in Athens, Georgia, as per the Athens-Clarke County Police report. 

A U-Haul truck was used in the theft, where two men siphoned 200 to 300 gallons of used fry oil from the restaurant’s dumpster. The thieves had to damage a lock and chain, totaling $70, to access the oil. Ongoing investigations continue, stated the police.

Furthermore, the Washington Times states, American polls reflect disapproval of President Biden’s economic management. People feel worse off since his term began. The New York Times poll shows former President Trump surpassing Biden significantly, potentially winning over 300 electoral votes if the election were today. Several polls reveal Trump leading the economy. 

Under Biden, facts point to worsened conditions despite the administration’s positive economic claims. Excuses and media defenses fail to sway voters feeling the sting of “Bidenomics” with overspending, borrowing, and inflation concerns.

X users blaming Bidenomics for security tags on cooking oil


A woman on X complained about how capitalism is ruining society by having security tags on necessities. However, X users state that she should blame the policies she voted for under the Biden administration for allowing this to happen. Relatively, conservatives claim that if better economic policies are in place, things would not be this bad. 


Following that, other users are defending capitalism stating that if it were respected, things would not turn up this way. The user then claims that locking up supplies for people is a socialist thing to do. 

Regardless, whether you are pro or anti capitalism, the same can happen under any other ideologies out there. For the most part, apologists for other ideologies would claim that it is not implemented properly. 

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