41-year-old Malaysian songstress Fish Leong thinks the ‘world is still beautiful’ despite her recent divorce.

She was performing at Nuannuan Elementary School in Keelung, Taiwan when she spoke to the media for the first time after her divorce was finalised earlier this month.

Leong shared that her heart is full of warmth and she hopes to maintain the pureness of a child. She also said she intents to stay upbeat after her marital hiccup.

Straits Times quoted China Press as saying that singing in a school hall brought back warm memories of Leong’s younger days, as she used to take part in school choirs and singing contests.

The Malaysian singer has a five-year-old son now.

In 2010, she married businessman Tony Chao and it was rumoured earlier this year that Leong was unhappy with his alleged extra marital affairs.

Fish Leong just went through a divorce with her husband. Picture: Instagram

Leong is now seeing a psychiatrist and she is moving forward from her divorce, signing up for performances in at least 60 cities next year.

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On December 2, Leong and Chao’s marriage officially ended.

Rumours started earlier this year that the couple were facing marital problems due to Chao’s past affairs.

The signing of divorce papers was on August 15.

Chao shot down the rumours, saying that it was common for couples to argue.

In September, Leong admitted during an event that her marriage had ended.

Chao was spotted at the home of single mother Lin Yijie and he also spent time with her and Taiwanese celebrity Demi Lin in Singapore.

The wine merchant was seen holding hands with Yijie in Taiwan.

Leong and Chao were married for nine years and they share the custody of Anderson, their five-year-old son.

The couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in Maldives back in February.

Leong and Chao first met when they were introduced by her manager.

They got married in Boracay, the Philippines in 2010 and Leong gave birth to her son in 2014. /TISG