Videos of a woman yelling at the elderly staff of the Housing & Development Board (HDB) Hub went viral over the week as netizens watched her unreasonably lose her cool.

In a video circulated on TikTok and social media, a woman could be seen and heard shouting at two HDB Hub staff. Accompanying her was also a man clad in white.

The clip was filmed by someone a short distance away, but the woman could be heard saying in a loud voice: “Don’t make things difficult for me!”

She was supposedly there to submit a tender, but according to the exchange in the video, did not make an appointment. According to the HDB’s website, Services at HDB Hub and Branches are by appointment only.

Once the woman raised her voice, a male staff, responded loudly as well: “Nobody is making things difficult for you!”

“Then?!” the woman demanded.

When the staff tried to calm her down and talk to her, the woman refused and loudly replied: “I don’t give a damn!”

When another staff member approached her, the woman shouted that she has an “invite”, and nobody informed her that she was required to make an “e-appointment”.

She yelled: “If yes, I’ll do it! I’m not stupid! I’m not an old person!”

She insisted that she wanted to submit the tender now and continued to shout that she wanted to make an e-appointment.

HDB Hub’s staff member lost his temper and was seen shouting back for the woman to listen to him.

At this point, the woman too started screaming at the top of her lungs. Her male companion also pulled down his mask to shout at the staff.

The commotion ends as a HDB Hub security guard walks over. /TISG