SINGAPORE: A woman who looked through her husband’s computer, only to find him visiting his ex-girlfriend’s profile, confronted the man.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the woman wrote that she had recently given birth to a baby and said that it changed her. She wrote: “For context, my husband has an ex, which was a dear friend to him prior their relationship. During our dating stage, he was open to tell me that he wanted to reconnect with her cos he still sees her as a friend. But this ex has blocked him from her socials and no communication since their breakup. They have common friends so he was informed that she was getting married (this happened 2021) But he doesn’t have any updates with her since then. We got married recently and also I have given birth also”.

Once, when she woke up in the middle of the night, she found that her husband was in the toilet and had left his computer switched on. When she snooped about, she found that he was looking at his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook profile with a fake account. “I know it’s wrong cos I invaded his privacy but I was just curious what he’s doing on his computer while I sleep. I confronted him about it and he told me that he felt that I violated his privacy. He even said that I had nothing to worry about and he had been open how he wanted to reconnect with her. Moreover, he said that it’s scary that I snooped on his computer like that and he didn’t once do it to me cos he respects my privacy and he trusts me”, she wrote. The woman’s husband told her that he just wanted to see how his ex-girlfriend was doing and added that he did not see anything wrong with his actions. She apologised to her husband for invading his privacy.

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In her post, the woman asked netizens: “I wasn’t like this before I give birth but now I’m too sensitive about everything. Are my feelings even valid or was it really my wrong (sic) for checking his recently closed tabs out of curiosity?” Netizens felt that the woman should speak to her doctor about her post-partum feelings but added that her husband’s actions were also suspicious.

One wrote: “Wanting to reconnect with a person who has taken actual steps to disconnect and cut him off is sad at best, disrespectful and creepy at worst. That fact that he created a fake account to look her up means that his interest is more than mere curiosity. He’s invested more than he should be. Don’t let him gaslight you”.

Another netizen commented: “Speak to your OB/GYN about your concerns regarding post partum feelings. If you feel that you’re not your usual self and out of sorts, tell your doctor about it so that they can help you. Don’t let it fester leading to trouble for you. As for your husband, it seems he’s not too concerned about how difficult it is for you post partum emotionally, mentally, and physically. An understanding husband would see that you’re struggling and not obsess over his ex during this time. Why now of all times that he “just wants to see how she’s doing”? Helloooo! The woman has clearly moved on and so should he”. /TISG

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