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The separation of individuals by their racial background should be something that is left in the past. However, with the liberal and woke agenda of having policies like Diversity Equity and Inclusivity, it seems the wrong things are prioritized. Some users are complaining that DEI sessions are separating People of Color and White people into two separate rooms.  

According to Fox News, Austin’s Parks & Recreation Department drew criticism after an email revealed racially segregated “anti-racist” meetings, sparking outrage among employees and citizens. The January email obtained by Fox News Digital disclosed the department’s plan for “Antir*cist Affinity Spaces,” segregating training by race as part of an “Equity and Inclusion program.” 

Employees of color were invited to monthly meetings, while white employees were barred. The move was condemned as divisive and racist by both staff and local figures. The department issued an apology, acknowledging the email did not reflect its values. 

However, the incident reignited the debate over the effectiveness and fairness of such racially segregated initiatives in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Wokeness going full circle by separating Americans by race thanks to DEI 


Furthermore, conservatives are accusing the Democrats of being behind this. They claim that the Dems were the pioneers of segregation back in the last century, and they fought to keep slavery alive. It does not seem far-fetched that they are interested in doing a separation of people again. 

In addition to this, many X users believe that DEI is a form of communism and has no place in western society. Following that, a conservative states that his area has a significant population of White people, yet, he’s the only White man on his entire team. Many feel that this policy is to exclude White people from corporate America. 

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