SINGAPORE: A Singaporean bachelor who seemed to yearn for a life companion recently turned to social media to ask if he had “better chances of dating Vietnamese or Filipina girls in the country.”

He declared that he had given up on Singaporean women due to the ubiquity of dating apps and the growing competition within the “SG dating scene.”

“My expectations are not high at all. I am not rich myself but earn enough to sustain comfortably. I’m considering to date foreign girls that came to SG to work (from countries like Vietnam/Filipino/Myanmar). Will I have a better chance with them,” u/NebulaCream asked on subreddit r/SingaporeRaw on Saturday (Jan 20).

The bachelor also said that he’s looking for a “genuine and serious relationship” and asked how he could find potential life partners if such serious partners can’t be found through dating apps.

“Not looking for hookup (don’t ask me go Geylang or KTV) but a genuine and serious relationship. Where can I find them if they are not on the dating apps? How can I meet them? Anyone here got experience it before? Please share your thoughts on this,” he wrote.

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SG Redditors: ‘It doesn’t matter what race. Stay in your financial lane.’

Several SG redditors offered advice. One commented, “There are low maintenance girls and high maintenance girls. Doesn’t matter what race. You stay in your financial lane and you’ll find someone for sure.”

A Filipina who’s currently residing and working in Singapore also gave him insights as to where he could find potential foreign partners. She said: “I’m a Filipina and definitely not materialistic. I’m open to date Singaporean men though I have already in the past. Experience was hard at first but eventually it became bearable but things didn’t worked out.

“You will find them at: uni (some are well-off, some are on government funded scholarship or even at that uni scholarship) hospitals (working as a nurse though many are married already), research lab (such as my self) IT industry, etc.”

Some users, however, took offense at the post and expressed their disappointment at the bachelor’s mindset. 

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“I think to see a need to date people off their race as slightly pathetic. Are you looking for less educated people because they are unable to see greater flaws in your personality? If so, I think your motivations for love are unfounded.”

Do Singaporean men really stand no chance of dating the local women? 

Yes and no, this depends really. Like most women from the rest of the world, Singaporean women simply want to date a man who can give them a sense of security. 

According to a Lunch Actually survey conducted in 2020, local women prefer to date “taller and richer” men. Now, despite the fact that these results could immediately lead one to believe that these women are “superficial, materialistic, or shallow,” there is a legitimate reason why they prefer dating guys who fit these descriptions.

Co-founder of Lunch Actually Violet Lim revealed that, similar to how men might favor women with long hair because it was once a sign of fertility, Singaporean women might prefer taller men because they feel more secure around them.

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Furthermore, because they did not want to compromise their lifestyle or instill insecurity in their partners, these women favored those who made more money than they did.