Xu Bin, 33, Chinese actor based in Singapore, stars in the newest Singapore-Thailand film The Antique Shop which premieres in cinemas on Dec 1, 2022. The film is a collection of three short stories rolled into one by the character of Andy (Xu Bin), a Singaporean businessman who likes collecting antique items.

Similar to his character in the movie, Xu Bin is also a fan of collecting small things in real life. From a young age, he had been collecting stamps and coins from around the world. However, he does not like displaying anything that looks human in his home such as figurines, dolls, or anything that encapsulates a face. 

The actor believes that every item has its own share of history, and he just wanted to be cautious. The movie Annabelle definitely made an impact on his belief. Instead of humans and faces, he decorates his walls with artwork. 

Recently, when got a large portrait of himself from a charity auction, he even hid it behind a curtain with his face facing the wall. 

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Alongside Xu Bin, The Antique Shop casts NoonTalk actor Damien Teo, Thai actor Phiravich Attachitsataporn, South Korean singer-actor Bae Jin Young, and Indonesian actor Rio Dewanto. 

Furthermore, it was the last movie with Aloysius Pang before his death, which made a huge toll on the movie’s plot – hence splitting it into three parts. The production of the movie started way back in 2018 but was delayed due to Aloysius passing last 2019. The film was later pursued again after the pandemic.