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We all know how crazy and carefree we can all get during the holidays—embarking on whimsical adventures, going on a shopping spree, travelling on the spur of the moment—it’s all part of the festive spirit. To a degree, we’re all just really trying to satisfy our wants, if only for a month. 

This londoner, however, refused to be carried away by the atmosphere and bought himself something most people would never consider: a parking space.

Agent: ‘It makes perfect sense’

The parking space in question is a 128-square-foot balcony in South Kensington that was put on the market with Next Home Ltd. in July for £50,000. But the individual purchased it for a bargain price of £35,000 (around $45,000) and will contribute £1,300 for the annual service charge.

The balcony has a separate title and excludes the internal area. It can also only be accessed via a private lift.

Catherine Lough of the Telegraph did a piece about the story, and the listing agent, Glenn Jacobs, told her that the balcony being used for a parking space ‘wasn’t something they had thought of initially’.

Jacobs shared that other buyers had meant to use the space for canopies, tents, and other creative and outlandish ideas, but that the buyer’s idea for a “parking space” just “makes perfect sense.”

Around 400 inquiries

According to Jacobs, it wasn’t just that one buyer who was interested in purchasing the balcony; he said he had to sort through 400 queries from people.

“The reaction was crazy,” Jacobs said.

He also recounted a time when a buyer from China placed a £50,000 bid for the balcony as an arts room, but that the property was relisted after two weeks with no response.

Is it practical?

While some might consider this to be extravagant and going above and beyond to get a car space, other londoners have found it to be rather practical, as parking spots in their capital have skyrocketed, with prices ranging from £80,000 to £250,000.

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