SINGAPORE: What are the current struggles of a Singaporean adult, asked a Reddit user. The user stated: “Life is not smooth sailing as we expected, what are some challenges you face a Singaporean adult?” 

u/thedesertman1 in r/askSingapore shared his personal experience, saying: “For myself who started a family this year, challenges of wife considering to take a break from work to take care of child. And the cost of living and market uncertainty is scary.” 

Many users commented on the post. The majority of the problems Singaporean adults are experiencing now are financial matters. 

One user commented: “Salary not high enough..Increasing prices of everything such as food and housing” 

Another user mentioned: “Inflation. And with 9% GST next year it’s only going to get a lot worse.” 

Other concerns include BTO problems, getting divorced, being single, and health issues.

“Getting divorced, selling my BTO, turning 35 EOY. Looking at resale flats.. Feeling daunted, but excited for what the future might hold,” one user admitted. 

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“Single. Looking at resale flat prices…”, “Depressed wages, inflating cost of living,” “Want to settle down but cannot find a bf. Want to travel more but no money,” and “Poor mental health as an older adult male. No close male friends, feeling socially isolated,” more users commented. 

A user summarized: “The banality of a typical singaporean: study, graduate, work, BTO, marriage, kids. It’s a life worked out for you and all you’re doing is grinding away daily to put food on the table and meet those milestones. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side but other countries don’t seem to be so dull and you get to choose who you wanna be.”

Lastly, one common problem of Singaporean adults now:

“Ikr somehow my pain has worsened tenfold since hitting the 30 mark. I just did a slow jog to catch the bus (which I still missed) and my ankle hurts now lol,” one user shared.