SINGAPORE: The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) released a new song earlier this month about being good neighbours in a space-scarce, multi-ethnic society. Not only did it feature local artists Daniel “Wheelsmith” Bawthan and Keyana, it also showed 76-year-old Dr William Wan in a rap video for the first time.

“The B-Greater single follows local rapper, Wheelsmith, who becomes a witness to interactions in his neighbourhood often characterised by individualism. Inspired to become the change he wants to see in society, Wheelsmith challenges his fellow citizens to be a greater version of themselves,” the caption to the video reads, adding that it “carries a profound message – that we have it in us to reflect, unite, and strive for greatness every day in our communities.”

Indeed, the video is told from the perspective of a young man, Wheelsmith, as he goes about the challenges of his day, but he greets his neighbors with a pleasant smile. But the neighbours are beset with disputes over noise and other issues and suffer from lack of consideration and cooperation. These troubles appear to discourage him and make his day dark.

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This is where artist Keyana comes in with the chorus, singing, “Keeping the love close/ We’ll never lose hope/ Just so you know/ Our love will grow/ As we make room for more,” as she dances along with a group of friends.

Halfway into the video, Dr Wan comes in with an encouraging word for Wheelsmith to “brighten” his day. The older man urges him, “Don’t give up” and “go the extra mile” by “do(ing) the kind thing.”

When Wheelsmith answers back that this is easier said than done, Dr Wan assures him that it’s a job that all will do together. “We can be greater, overcome selfishness, for kindness is other-centredness.” Wheelsmith then thanks Dr Wan for the encouragement, saying that a “kind society” is one that “keeps it good for the soul” and adding, “You and I together, let’s be kind to all,” as he called on neighbours to be good to one another.

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The video ends with the neighbours who had formerly been fighting now sitting down together for a meal at a hawker centre, with Dr Wan, Keyana, and Wheelsmith also joining others at another table.

“Music has had a long history in rallying communities to tackle adversity or to stand behind a common purpose, and this is no different. ‘B-Greater’ is a simple call for Singaporeans to embrace kindness as an essential trait of greatness,” Dr Wan is quoted in Yahoo! News as saying. Dr Wan, who used to help lead SKM, is now a senior consultant supporting the group’s initiatives. /TISG

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