SINGAPORE — A Singapore Reddit user appeared to make light of a situation where water poured into an elevator while the hallway outside was beginning to flood.

“It’s raining cats and dogs. Lolz Inside the lift. Location: Kalang,” Reddit user HussainTheKing _l posted an 18-second video on r_Singapore on Sunday (Feb 5).

While some netizens commenting on the post seemed to find the situation funny, others underlined that the situation could be dangerous.

“I would stay away from the water” was one comment that received a lot of upvotes.

Another agreed, writing, “Seriously, lifts runs on some pretty high power.”

One Reddit user said she “Won’t dare to use the lift. Who knows if the elevator pit is flooded.”

Indeed, water in an elevator can be very dangerous as it could greatly affect the electronic components and mechanisms of the lift.

“Water can enter the lift pit via construction joints, cracks in the walls or floor. Water has a way of finding a way through any weak points by following the path of least resistance. Once water has entered the lift pit, it will pool on the floor and keep rising, usually until it has reached the height of the water table,” one website says.

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If a lift suffers a short circuit because of the water, a person can be trapped inside, or the electrical system of a whole building can be affected.

And while it’s not too uncommon of a problem, the lift should stop operating immediately, and experts should be called.

Other Reddit users observed, however, that rain has been affecting other buildings in Singapore, including a lecture hall at the National University of Singapore.

But some, however, took the whole incident as a big joke.

It is important to get the right help in such situations and not just rely on the services of regular maintenance staff.

“Your elevator company should be notified as soon as water is seen or suspected in your elevator system. It is extremely important to not try to fix anything yourself. Technicians are trained on how to properly handle these situations,” experts say. /TISG

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