US – Facebook user Justin James got global attention after his meaningful Facebook post about “missed opportunities” with a Vietnamese girl he had met online went viral.

James’ post went up on Mar 4. It garnered more than 75,000 likes and 28,000 shares but has since been removed.

In his post, James wrote that he felt people should convey their true feelings to the ones they care about as “tomorrow is never promised”.

He related his advice to his personal experience with a very beautiful Vietnamese girl he got to know online. They had started talking in mid-Nov 2018 and had hit off very well, talking about about music, movies, books, et cetera.

To him, their “conversation moved at exactly the same pace” and he felt that she was “intelligent, kind, witty and funny “.

While James admitted that he loses interest in women (and people in general) very quickly if he feels that they are not on the same page, this was not the case with the Vietnamese girl.

He had immediately liked her and they had even gone out once. Yet, he had not shared his feelings with her and had even gone to the point of ignoring his emotions as he felt that the girl would not have liked the real “Justin” outside of his online persona.

Nonetheless, their first meeting had been very pleasant. They had even made plans to hang out later that night but these did not materialise as both of them did not want to ruin the moment.

Their subsequent interactions involved both of them watching each other’s Instagram and Facebook stories.

James reminisces, “I would always look to see who watched my stories, just to see if she had. And she did.”

However, James relates that ” … one day she stopped watching. I sent her a few FB messages and WhatsApp messages, but she didn’t respond. I called, but she didn’t answer. I thought that maybe she had met someone else or wasn’t interested anymore. This made me sad.”

“After not hearing from her for a few weeks I made the decision that I would contact her somehow and let her know how I really felt. No games, no bullshit. But, unfortunately that chance will never come, because yesterday I found that she passed away in a motorbike crash 3 weeks ago…”

He ended the post by saying, “If you care about someone let them know, now. Because tomorrow is never promised.”

Thought-provoking and inspiring, it is no wonder why this post attained much attention in cyberspace.

In a short interview call with Justin, he admitted that he cared about the girl but they were not dating, unlike what several media outlets had falsely claimed. In fact, he had only met the girl once.

James confirmed that he had felt a potential for love towards the girl but he had not shared these feelings with her.

He further expressed that while he was very sad on the first two days after finding out about the girl’s death, that grief had now dissipated.

The post, says James, was simply a heartfelt and passionate eulogy which he had hoped would carry deeper meaning to which others could relate.

Due to the personal wishes of the Vietnamese girl’s family, Justin did not want her photo and name to be revealed.