Secretary-general of the People’s Power Party Goh Meng Seng took to social media with some rather harsh words about the incumbent People’s Action Party.

Following a statement by Lee Hsien Yang, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s brother, denouncing the PAP and adding that “it has lost its way”, Mr Goh took to social media to air his views as well.

In his post, he opined, “I neither support the PAP of LKY’s time nor do I support the current PAP”.

Mr Goh went on to express the opinion that “LKY’s PAP had destroyed the fundamental tenets of Democracy in Singapore and this is something which I can neither forgive nor forget”.

He continued, alleging that someone considered to be one of Singapore’s founding fathers “had destroyed the system of Separation of Powers, destroyed the role of Free Press, destroyed the independence of Labour Union, lock up political opponents with no trial but just at his fancy, meddle with the Electoral system with Gerrymandering and pork barrel politics just to keep himself in power….”

Mr Goh also wrote, “How could I ever support LKY’s PAP? He is the SOURCE of the problems we are facing right now which the current PAP further its own political interests by raping our law and constitution”.

After the official launch of Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s Progress Singapore Party, the younger Mr Lee took to social media to publicly state that he “wholeheartedly support(s) the principles and values of the Progress Singapore Party”.

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In reference to the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Mr Lee also said, “Today’s PAP is no longer the PAP of my father”.

TISG reached out to Mr Goh and asked him what he thought about the younger Mr Lee coming back to politics. To this, he said, “Any Singapore citizen is welcome to participate in Singapore politics… Especially those with the ability and credentials”.

“However, I think most Singaporeans are skeptical of people who get into politics with a perceived axe to grind. Due to the Oxley saga and the subsequent happenings to his family members, it is inevitable that people would link any participation attempt on his part as something out of personal grudge or agenda. On top of that, we know he loves his father and the legacy… But for a die hard democrat like me, I would not want to be associated with his father legacy of ill pseudo hypocrisy of democracy. Most of the problems we are having right now with PAP rule are just the results of his father’s autocratic rule which destroy almost all the basic fundamental tenets of Democracy”, he added.

“Unless he could convince both the middle ground and hardcore opposition people like me that his participation is for the good of Singapore and to undo his father’s ill doing, restoring Democratic system to Singapore, his participation may not be viewed positively”, Mr Goh clarified.

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