Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has launched a scathing attack on ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson, branding him a “useful idiot” following reports of his upcoming interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

 Tucker Carlson: Putin’s mouthpiece

Speaking on MSNBC, Clinton accused Carlson of perpetuating falsehoods and serving as a mouthpiece for Putin’s propaganda regarding Ukraine. She asserted that granting Carlson an interview provides Putin with a platform to further disseminate deceptive narratives about his intentions in Ukraine.

“Well, it confirms what I believe many of us have already suspected. He fits the description of what’s commonly referred to as a ‘useful idiot.’ When you read translations of what’s being said in Russian media, they ridicule him. He’s akin to a naive follower. Despite being let go from numerous American platforms, it wouldn’t shock me if he lands a deal with a Russian outlet because, in their eyes, he serves a purpose as a pawn,” Clinton commented on Tucker, who lost his position at Fox News in 2023.

Carlson defended his decision to interview Putin in a video on X, emphasizing the importance of informing the public about geopolitical issues. However, his claims that no Western journalist had attempted to interview Putin were promptly debunked by CNN’s Abby Phillip, who highlighted ongoing efforts by reputable news outlets to engage with the Russian leader and cover the conflict in Ukraine comprehensively.

Accountability vs. misinformation

The controversy surrounding Carlson’s upcoming interview underscores the contentious nature of media coverage amid global conflicts. Clinton’s criticism serves as a reminder of the responsibility borne by journalists to ensure accuracy and accountability in their reporting, particularly when engaging with figures known for disseminating misinformation.

 The ex-Fox News anchor, a significant supporter of 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump and a vehement critic of US military assistance to Ukraine, journeyed to Moscow to conduct Putin’s inaugural interview with a Western journalist following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

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