In a recent CBS News/YouGov poll, Donald Trump’s provocative statement on immigrants “poisoning the blood” of the country has garnered significant support within the ranks of Republican primary voters.

With the Iowa caucus looming, more than 80% of GOP primary voters indicated their agreement with the former president’s controversial stance on illegal immigration.

The poll, released just a day before the Iowa caucus, highlighted a stark divide in opinions, as only 19% of Republican primary voters disagreed with Trump’s assertion, while an overwhelming 81% stood firmly behind his statement.

Among the broader voter base, the sentiment was more evenly split, with 47% agreeing and 53% dissenting.

Critics, drawing historical parallels, have accused Trump of employing rhetoric reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s discriminatory language in “Mein Kampf,” where Jews were accused of “blood poisoning” the “original German race.”

‘Poisoning the blood’: No racist intent?

Despite the contentious nature of his comments, Trump has vehemently denied any racist intent, pointing out his connections to immigration, including two immigrant wives and an immigrant mother.

The controversial remarks were initially made at a New Hampshire rally in September, where Trump claimed that immigrants were “poisoning the blood of our country” and contributing to issues in mental institutions and prisons worldwide.

In a subsequent interview on the “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Trump broadened his critique, referring to immigrants from various parts of the world, including Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Asia, and Africa.

Still leading

The CBS poll also revealed that Trump maintains a commanding lead over his opponents in Iowa, securing 69% support.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailed with 14%, and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley secured third place with 12% support.

A Des Moines Register poll released this week echoed similar findings, with Trump leading while Haley surpassed DeSantis for the second spot.

As the political landscape evolves, Trump’s controversial remarks continue to shape the discourse within the Republican base.

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