In an exclusive interview with ABC News on Monday, the defiant VP Kamala Harris offered her insights on the Republican primary landscape and laughed off at Nikki Haley’s criticisms hours before the kickoff of the Iowa caucuses.

Addressing attacks from Republican contender Nikki Haley, who has consistently targeted Harris during her campaign, the vice president dismissed the notion that she is the primary opponent due to President Joe Biden’s age. Haley contends that Harris is a liability for the 2024 Biden reelection ticket.

Kamala Harris laugh

Let’s see what Iowa says to her!” Harris exclaimed with a laugh.

ABC News spent the day shadowing Harris in Columbia, South Carolina, marking her second visit to the state with just 19 days left until the Democrats’ first-in-the-nation primary.

Notably, South Carolina is Haley’s home state and played a pivotal role in Biden’s success during the 2020 race.

When asked if her concerns for the country remain consistent regardless of the Republican nominee, Harris asserted, “Let me just tell you this, no matter who the Republican nominee is, we’re winning. We’re winning.”

However, this confidence has raised alarms among some Democrats who worry that the Biden-Harris team is not adopting a sufficiently assertive approach, especially given Biden’s waning approval ratings and a string of lackluster poll results.

“Beat him before, will beat him again”

Responding to questions about whether she sees Donald Trump as an inevitable front-runner for the GOP ticket, Harris was straightforward.

“I don’t know. But look, if it is Donald Trump, we’ve beat him before and we’ll beat him again,” she declared.

“When you consider all the issues at stake, including our standing in the world, I believe that the people of America want more in terms of the outcome of this election and charting the course for the future of our country.”

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