The US disruptive President Donald Trump was not around during the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) assembly in Kuala Lumpur, but he certainly made his power felt.

His decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel while the Umno has assembled itself in full house, powered by Najib Razak’s speeches and rants, is significant.

Hailed as a personal buddy of the Malaysian Prime Minister whom Trump called ‘my best PM’, the American billionaire made leader impacted the Umno general meeting with a bang.

And in Kuala Lumpur, it took the city into a whimsical musical chair, on who should be the accused in Trump’s decision to ‘anoint’ Jerusalem as Isreal’s capital city.

The first confusion among the locals in Malaysia is that Trump ‘declared’ Jerusalem as the capital city of the Zionist state, asking how could he have the authority to decide which city is to be the capital city of which country?

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This lack of international knowledge was obvious among the locals debating the issue. They clearly believe Trump was now responsible for telling Isreal that Jerusalem should be their capital city.

Fact is Israel has for decades declared that Jerusalem will be its capital, but the rest of the world could not be bothered with the Jewish rulers in Tel Aviv.

It had to be Trump.

Now, why did Trump do such a thing? That is accepting the Israeli proposal to the rest of the world? Simple: Only Trump can do what others are not doing.

Only Trump can do what other US President hesitates to do, or delays, and only Trump can undo what the other American President has done in the past.

Back to KL, the Islamic Renaissance Front or IRF urged the mass of protestors at the United States Embassy to instead protest at the Saudi Embassy.

Wrong move IRF. The true protest should have been at the Umno assembly and at Putra Jaya. Why? Trump is the declared personal buddy of the man who leads the party and the country.

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The people should have protested against Najib for his close relations with the man in the White House.

Note that Najib did not condemn Trump for his daring move, but instead said that Malaysia, Umno, the Malays, the Muslims etc will ‘never’ accept Jerusalem is the capital city of Isreal.

That says it all.

Notwithstanding the comments on social media calling on Najib to give a tinker to Trump to urge him to reverse his decision, since they say they are buddies.

But there is one major element that rises out of the flames of this cacophony and plethora of ’emotion’ filled text garbages that is circulating across Malaysia’s WhatsApp world and that has achieved the impossible for Najib.

It is about the Umno-pushed messages condemnation of the Trump decision over Baitul-Maqdis (Arab name for Jerusalem) that has seemingly united the Malays-Muslims with the party and its President!

And it calls for the ultimate question: Did Trump decide on declaring the US recognition of Baitul-Maqdis on the eve of a Friday while the Umno was having a rousing assembly with its President galvanising the troops saying only Umno can defend the Muslims and only Umno represents the true Islam in the country?

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For a coincidence that sounds too farfetched. There is no coincidence in Trump’s moves, and him being the best buddy of Najib Razak is indicative of a planned decision that would bring the Malays back to the Umno!

Kudos, Trump!