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A recent poll conducted by CNN has found that former US President Donald Trump has opened up his biggest lead ever over incumbent President Joe Biden in a hypothetical head-to-head presidential match-up for the 2024 election. Trump, leading with a massive six-point advantage, is at 49 percent while Biden is at 43 percent when the two are polled.

Breitbart states, When third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Jill Stein, and Cornel West are added into the field, Trump’s lead over Biden grows to nearly double digits. In that multi-candidate scenario, Trump is at 42 percent, Biden is down at 33 percent, Kennedy is at 16 percent, West at four percent, and Stein at three percent.

With most Americans having a positive view of Trump’s presidency and Biden’s approval ratings on critical issues such as the economy and inflation being abysmal, the poll indicates that Trump is trending towards an electoral college romp to victory.

Trump’s poll leading well ahead of Biden 

However, centrists feel that the two party system is no longer sustainable for the United States. They feel that a third force needs to come through and balance out the ultra left and ultra right wing. Many felt that the left wing has been hijacked by the ultra liberals. Additionally, for some they’re uncomfortable with voting for both parties. 

In addition to this, conservatives claim that the United States needs former President Trump now more than ever. Following that, this is just an observation among conservatives as liberals will most definitely sing a different tune regarding the situation. 

Furthermore, X users feel that Bidenomics is affecting the middle class American more than most might think. There are claims that his economic system has caused rapid inflation throughout the country. Could this be the reason why the support towards Trump is increasing? 

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