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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new internet law proposes life sentences for the worst speech crimes on social media. This  move is widely criticized as ‘Orwellian’ and an ‘overreach’ by voters. 

The Daily Mail states, Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, likened it to historical royal decrees for imprisoning citizens. The bill, introduced by the Liberal government, raises the maximum penalty to life imprisonment for online genocide advocacy, up from five years. 

It also increases maximum prison terms for promoting hatred online. While some support tougher penalties for hate speech, concerns linger about the government’s ability to protect free speech and the effectiveness of the proposed legislation in making social media platforms safer.

Trudeau’s Canada planning life imprisonment for hate speech 


Furthermore, conservatives on X state that this new proposed law is similar to the 1984 novel. They add that this will give the authorities full power to search the entire internet for someone’s past mistakes or statements. 

In addition to this, X users claim that Justin Trudeau himself should be under arrest for his racist caricature in the past. Many, liberals and conservatives alike find the Canadian Prime Minister’s “Brownface” past as something inappropriate. 

Following that, X users are planning to scrub through the Prime Minister’s social media in order to find anything that is “hate speech.” Users add that if this becomes law one day, it will surely exempt lawmakers like Trudeau himself. 

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