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Trains disrupted during evening peak hours as well – netizens chew out SMRT




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The train disruptions along the North-South line this morning and, again, this evening sparked another round of outrage from netizens – the third one in just a week.

It was clear that everyone has had it with SMRT, with netizens lamenting about SMRT’s terrible transport management.

One netizen mentioned that commuters should not have to pay extra to tap out for the delayed rides, while another exasperated commuter suggested that SMRT should compensate the public with free rides for the rest of the year.

While trains resumed normal service after the massive North-South line delays in the morning that were traced to a track fault, train disruptions hit yet again in the evening.

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At 5.09pm, SMRT tweeted that only one station platform would be operational for trains on the North-South line towards Jurong East this evening – which again, meant that there would be a longer travel time.

This only added fuel to the fire, especially since people were anxious to return home after school or work.

Commuters have clearly had enough of train disruptions. When will SMRT finally walk the talk and fix issues once and for all, so commuters can go to work and school and return home on time, without stress?

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