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Crocodile sighted at Changi beach




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Facebook user Adam Huzaiz Alysha’s post of a crocodile sighting at Changi beach has gone viral with over 5,000 shares. Adam cautioned beach-goers against getting into the waters, adding that the animal was still there this morning.



STOMP reported another beach-goer of spotting the animal at around the same area yesterday. That beach-goer described the crocodile as being 1.9 metres long with a long mouth, and looking exactly like the one that was spotted in the Pasir Ris beach area in August of this year.

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The National Parks Board (NParks) responded sightings in Pasir Ris, and identified the creatures as estuarine/saltwater crocodiles, adding that they are known to swim freely in the Straits of Johor.

NParks said the creatures usually feed and rest in mangroves and freshwater bodies, and are usually found in the water or at mudflats away from visitor routes. NParks promised to monitor the situation and take “steps to translocate the crocodiles, should they continue to venture into publicly-accessible areas”.

NParks advised beach-goers who encountered a crocodile to stay calm and back away slowly. They should not approach, provoke, or feed the animal.

If they need help, they should call the NParks helpline at 1800-471 7300. More information on estuarine crocodiles can be found on NParks’ website.

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