Taking inspiration from a Burger King advertisement, Tourism Malaysia has urged its social media followers to support the tourism sector in Singapore in a viral social media post published on Wednesday (11 Nov).

Last Monday (2 Nov), the Burger King UK Twitter account urged customers to “Order from McDonald’s” or other food chains to support the restaurants that employ thousands of workers, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Referencing the viral Burger King gesture, Tourism Malaysia made a similar call this week. It wrote, on Facebook: “Take a Singapoliday. Just like Burger King never thought they’d be promoting a Big Mac, we too, never thought we’d be asking you to do this. 

“We would never have imagined encouraging you to spend your holidays in Singapore, but our friends in the tourism industry could use your support at the moment. While we dream of soaking under the sun in Pulau Redang, Sentosa is just as good for now. So, if you want to help, take your #SingapoRediscovers today.”

The post quickly began trending online and drew the attention of Singapore’s tourism authority, Visit Singapore. Thanking Tourism Malaysia for the love in a comment, Visit Singapore said: “Thanks for the love, Tourism Malaysia ❤️ Thinking of you too—stay safe and keep well! (Written on the sandy shores of Sentosa while remembering the awesome times at Pulau Redang.)”

Tourism Malaysia’s post ended up drawing over 2,500 reactions and nearly 2,000 shares on Facebook, with netizens praising the authority for its kind gesture.

The authority, however, has since updated the post to replace the original message with three emojis – the Malaysian flag, a heart, and the Singapore flag.