Stealing is vehemently wrong, and most social media users would agree that it is wrong. However, a TikToker claims that a chain store would let her steal up to $3,000 and arrest her after she broke the threshold. These stores are a business, and businesses need to make money. If the liberal agenda succeeds, it would be tough for these businesses to make a profit. 

According to The Daily Dot, A TikTok user, Ashley Hernandez, alleged in a viral video that Target allowed her to steal $3,000 worth of items over years to build a case against her. Posted on Monday, the clip garnered 1.4 million views and 174,000 likes, with Hernandez writing, “I know I’m using this trend wrong, but idc.”

Overlay text in the video suggests Hernandez stole from Target for years, implying the store compiled evidence to have her arrested. Comments joked about limits and speculated on Target’s surveillance and data collection methods. Hernandez and Target haven’t responded to requests for comment. The $3,000 threshold’s source remains unknown but may relate to state theft laws. Target’s alleged tracking methods sparked further speculation.

TikToker claims store lets her steal up to $3,000

Several users agree to these big brands doing this as profiling those who stole merchandise from them would be an effective way to reduce cost. Robberies have been at an all time high in woke areas as the laws there are more relaxed than sensible. 


Others claim that these stores are working with the FBI to reduce crimes. Some users speculate that these places may use AI technology in order to identify and catch thieves. An X user even claims that cashiers are told to hold on to IDs and scan them with 8K cameras in order to keep these people on record. 


Some users asked whether this means that everyone is able to steal up to a certain amount. However, another user responded by saying that those who are in need can try taking their chances by talking to the managers of the store. At times, they would be able to help those in need with discounts or write offs. 

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